A Deliciously Modern, Playful Office for Daily Harvest

A Deliciously Modern, Playful Office for Daily Harvest

A Deliciously Modern, Playful Office for Daily Harvest

Designer Ashlie Broderic creates a clean, playful, fruit-centric office for Daily Harvest in New York City’s Flatiron neighborhood.

Photos by Seth Caplan

When you’re a company that’s managed to transform superfoods into the kind of irresistibly delicious (and yes, even stylish) meals that people eagerly wait by their door to receive, you deserve an office that’s equally as delectable. Cue Ashlie Broderic. The Homepolish designer was brought on board to establish Daily Harvest’s clean, modern, playfully irreverent vibe within their 3,400-square-foot Flatiron office.

“The objective was to design a space that fits with the Daily Harvest aesthetic and provides a lot of unique spaces for creative work, meetings, and team building,” Ashlie explains.

To capture the company’s vibrant sensibility, Ashlie referenced the distinctive hallmarks of the brand, from the color palette to the exotic ingredients used in their recipes. The resulting space straddles the line between commercial and residential—a balance that Ashlie attributes to separating the workspace into different zones, which include five conference rooms, two photo booths, a test kitchen, and a lounge. While the desk spaces and conference room tilt more commercial, Ashlie established a more residential feel in the lounge by using different finishes, like brass, velvet emerald chairs, and marquetry.

“In any open lofty space, it is useful to use rugs, light fixtures, and art to define seating areas,” she explains. “In the lounge, each sofa pod is anchored by a rug, and further defined by a large piece of art above. The tall plants on either side help create a division between the two adjacent pods.”

And while every area boasts a unique aesthetic, the foundation of each is bright white (the brand’s signature color), layered with black-and-white patterns that nod to the company’s recognizable, Instagram-worthy cups—see the mudcloth pillows in the lounge and entry. She also used black-and-white Schumacher wallpaper to cover key walls in the entry, lounge, and conference rooms.

To offset the graphic black-and-white features, Ashlie punctuated the office with playful fruit and vegetable references. In the lounge, brass pineapple tables lend a touch of wit and sophistication, while in the kitchen, a trio of neon banana lights line the walls. And throughout the office, she hung playful pop-art photos featuring colorful fruits. Even the conference rooms and phone booths bear the names of different fruits, from Grapefruit and Fig to Dragonfruit and Banana.

When fruits aren’t literally woven into the design, their vivid shades serve as the inspiration for several style elements. In each conference room, Ashlie added a different brightly colored Eames shell chair that ties back to fruit theme—think pink chairs in the grapefruit-themed room.

The designer also delivered color through an abundance of plants.

“Plants look great and add color to the space, but they are also known to have a positive impact on employee well-being, decrease stress, and improve air quality,” Ashlie says.

And because Daily Harvest’s assortment of smoothies, bowls, lattes, and more are the company’s bread and butter, it was crucial to expand the 12’ x 12’ kitchenette into a 25’-long open kitchen. But that wasn’t the only expansion that occured in the space.

“Another unexpected element was the crazy growth of Daily Harvest,” she shares. “We started out planning a 30-person office, which expanded to 50 before the project was complete. Currently, we are working on designing an office annex to house all of the new staff.”

As long as that means there will more addictive recipes (and a few more neon bananas), we couldn’t approve more.

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