A Cute Room for Our Designer’s Daughter

A Cute Room for Our Designer’s Daughter

A Cute Room for Our Designer’s Daughter


Lindsay Saccullo, Homepolish designer


Follow along with designer and contributor Lindsay Saccullo as she shows us how she made a bright and whimsical bedroom for her growing little girl. Cue the blush pink and trot out the stuffed unicorns.

Photos by Julia Van Arsdale.

In under a year, our spunky toddler daughter had gone from a nursery in Brooklyn to a nursery in a rental in Walnut Creek, CA, to our (hopefully) forever home just down the street, also in Walnut Creek. This girl has had as many rooms as years in her life! I wanted to create something warm and cozy for her, to give her a sense of stability and security after all of our recent and crazy moves. I also wanted it to be fun, feminine, and whimsical, yet something she could grow with over the years. Because as far as I’m concerned we are not moving again!

Pottery Barn Kids

Southwest Desert Rug

West Elm

Tall Nailhead Tapered Bed

starting at $899.00

Unicorn Head Wall Décor


Moving is always tough, because you realistically can’t start with a blank slate every single time. I wanted to use as much of Avery’s old furniture as possible but also make the space feel cohesive, naturally. I also didn’t want to spend an insane amount of money on a toddler’s room. Anyone who has had a kid or has even just a brief run in with a toddler knows how much havoc they can wreak on your walls, rugs, and furniture. I didn’t want anything to feel too precious or breakable, but it still needed to feel a little bit grown up.

In the end, the only new piece we needed to purchase for her room was the full-size bed and bedding! I went with a neutral yet sophisticated nail head design. Hopefully this will last her until she goes away to college… or even longer!

West Elm

Niche 6-Drawer Dresser, white lacquer


Acrylic Console Table

West Elm

Lidded Basket, in pink


Needless to say, in the name of budget, there were more than a few little “hacks” along the way. A geometric rug was thrown over over the wall-to-wall carpet (which was chosen by the previous owners and definitely not my favorite!). Bedside tables were actually file cabinets from my old office with new brass knobs. Voila! A toddler’s nightstand. The bedside lamps used to reside on the buffet in our old dining room, and the curtains were in our old master bedroom. The picture ledges we had in her old nursery in Brooklyn, but I bought a few more to create this floor-to-ceiling bookshelf in a cozy little reading corner with pillows. The mirrors over the bedside tables were actually one of the first purchases my husband and I made together in our very first apartment in NYC. It’s amazing how much you can reuse if you get inventive!

Lastly, since we live in earthquake territory, I’ve learned that it can be a “no no” to have art or anything heavy over your kid’s bed. The plush unicorn adds a perfect amount of whimsy over the bed. I think it’ll bring her sweet dreams, too.



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