A Cozy, Colorful Apartment in DC

A Cozy, Colorful Apartment in DC

A Cozy, Colorful Apartment in DC


Bethany Black


In the center of Washington, D.C., designer Kathleen Mannis took a first-time apartment and tied in the final details, adding in texture and color.

Photos by Razan Altiraifi.

Bethany Black was a girl on the go. Throughout her 20s, she was traveling for work and constantly moving from apartment to apartment, dealing with the competitive Washington, D.C. renters market. But after a while, it comes time to put down some roots. Closing on her first apartment that she actually owned back in October, she called in Homepolish to help the space feel more like a home. Designer Kathleen Mannis arrived on the scene.


But when Kathleen arrived, she realized the Bethany wasn’t too far away from achieving that settled home feeling. She had a strong sense of style and most of the larger pieces of furniture were already selected, and the two were able to tie up all the loose ends. A sculptural wall gallery in the living room incorporates photos and art from her past as well as geometric 3-D pieces. The foyer (which also doubles as a dinette nook) displays kooky jungle wallpaper. And her bedroom got a feature wall in “Caribbean Teal.”


Colorful, cozy, textural… Cohesive and yet maintaining Bethany’s notably eclectic personality. It all mixes and matches together in a fun hodgepodge. Even her rescue pup Baloo approves.


I love that it’s so colorful and eclectic, but at the same time it’s still very low-key. I didn’t want a place where people had to take their shoes off when they came in. Besides, I have a retriever that sheds more in a day than you’d believe, so the all-white Scandinavian look was out of the question.

- Bethany Black, Homepolish client
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