A Cozy and Modern San Francisco Home

A Cozy and Modern San Francisco Home

A Cozy and Modern San Francisco Home


Skyler and Allie Vander Molen, art director and filmmaker for Facebook and healthcare marketing


Who says modern means cold and sterile? For a hip couple in the Bay Area, Homepolish designer Carisse Lynelle created a clean home that is simultaneously cozy and livable.

Photos by Ana Kamin.

Transplants from Florida who have come to love San Francisco, Skyler and Allie Vander Molen had lived in a beautifully detailed Victorian for just about two years. The home was flooded with light, and the foundations of the home were hard to beat (picture honey-stained hardwood floors and crown molding throughout). However, even with two years under their belt and Skyler’s honed eye (he’s an art director for Facebook), their home simply didn’t feel cohesive. Sometimes even the most seasoned pros need some interiors help.


They hired Homepolish’s Carisse Lynelle to help them pull together the home, particularly the dining room, living room, and the entryway. Beyond the matter of aesthetic, they needed to source some major pieces of furniture, from the coffee to the dining table, as well as find some creative storage solutions.


Each room came together with equal parts practicality and creativity. The entryway features three pieces (a midcentury console, a flea-market-find bench, and mirror) all in the same color, but a deeply saturated rug adds some flair. In the dining room, a minimalist table from BluDot with caned chairs contrasts against a geometric rug and Matisse print. Lastly, the living room has pops of color and texture from textiles, but the room itself is sleek. The skim-coated fireplace and built-ins by Sebastian Parker Furniture Design were an addition by Carisse. Balance is the theme, and it never looked so cool.


Allie and I both love designing our space and made a pretty good start, but we felt like we were struggling to finish the living room and dining room. We had some ideas of what we wanted, but we needed to keep the house feeling cohesive. Carisse was really helpful in finding unique pieces we loved within our budget that fit the theme we’d begun to establish in the rest of the house.

- Skyler Vander Molen, Facebook art director
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