A Couple’s Personalized, Beautiful TriBeCa Home

A Couple’s Personalized, Beautiful TriBeCa Home

A Couple’s Personalized, Beautiful TriBeCa Home


Alissa and Jonah Lovens, marketing executives at startups


With highly-customized flourishes and gorgeously curated furnishings, Homepolish designer Tali Roth turned a young couple's first apartment together into a stunning home.

Photos by Julia Robbs.

There are a certain bittersweet moments in life… and buying your first home is definitely one of them. There is the initial thrill of finding a place, coupled with the fear of the co-op board and the mountain of paperwork. There is the excitement of closing and moving in, partnered with the overwhelming sense of “How the heck do I go about decorating this place?” For Alissa and Jonah Lovens, who had been living together in a tiny New York 1-bedroom, their new TriBeCa space was just that. They had just closed in August, and they were determined to have the loft apartment converted into a proper home by their wedding in February. The only problem was they had no idea where to start in terms of design. (And looking at the space, there was LOTS of space to fill.)

Expert residential designer Tali Roth was just the answer to their problems, with her mixture of get-it-done professionalism and laid-back ease. (Her standard response when they found a beautiful piece was, and we quote, “OMG EPIC!”) The couple’s number one goal was “to create a cozy and inviting feel in the large space.”

The biggest key when it comes to designing an expansive space is to scale the furniture accordingly. Tali did just that, starting with a giant Cloud sectional sofa from Restoration Hardware, in a custom cobalt blue color. Other furnishings followed such as a reclaimed wood dining table (which seats 8, but could easily squeeze 12) and a chandelier that’s nearly as large. A custom bookshelf was built out opposite, spanning an entire side of the apartment and collecting treasures from the two from a golden pig, a vintage typewriter, and a Jeff Koons repro. Add to that billowing curtains, hung extra high to give the impression of larger-than-life windows.

But as goes with Tali, the beauty hardly stopped with that one room. The kitchen underwent an extensive renovation, going from a staid, traditional look to sleek, mod white countertops and a blue feature wall. Another surprise? A coat closet was transformed into a dark emerald reading nook. But don’t let us spoil all the fun. For floral accent walls, Australian art moments, and custom neon signs, check out all of the shots in the gallery!


Tali was amazing to work with (we’re obsessed with her). She understood exactly what we wanted and helped to pull in both old and new pieces to create the look & feel. Everything came out absolutely incredible, and we can’t wait for one million happy years here (I’m never moving ever again). Best of all, the very last piece of furniture was delivered the morning we left for our honeymoon!

- Alissa Lovens, Homepolish client



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