A Couple’s Elegant Chicago Home

A Couple’s Elegant Chicago Home

A Couple’s Elegant Chicago Home


Shanley and Doug Henry


After being long-distance from New York to Milwaukee, Shanley and Doug settled in the middle in a gorgeous Chicago home designed by Homepolish's Claire Staszak.

Photos by Dustin Halleck.

Sometimes at the Homepolish headquarters, a project comes across our desks that simply makes our eyes pop. Make no mistake, the Chicago home of Shanley and Doug Henry, a recent project by Homepolish’s Claire Staszak, is undoubtedly an example of one of these moments. The kitchen was on the top of the stack. With its white custom cabinetry and built-in shelving, nearly space-age pendant domes, and gleaming griege tile backsplash, we found ourselves emailing the photographer, asking if he had mistakenly sent renderings. He hadn’t.


Of course, elegance of this level is hardly a thing of chance. Shanley and Doug had quite a history, going through a long-distance relationship between New York City and Milwaukee. Eventually, the couple settled right in the middle in Chicago. After living in the Windy City for four years, they decided to move to Lincoln Park, specifically to a 3-bedroom, 2-floor condo. Beginning foundational reconstruction in the spring, they hired Claire in the summertime to tackle the design decisions of paint, lighting, and finishes. Claire first arrived to a literal construction site.


We understand why they called in some pro help… designing your first home can be stressful! They began with the base of paint, choosing an array of earth toned Benjamin Moore shades. But not everything went soft and neutral. In the powder room and stairwell, Eskayel and Calico wallpaper were layered in giving a jewel-box effect, especially with the gilded accents.


That slight air of sophistication runs throughout the home. Elegant light fixtures appoint each area. Coupled with rugs (one of which was hand-crafted in Argentina), each functional area feels distinct but also cohesive with the whole. Layer in art, such as masks Doug found while working in Zambia, and custom furnishings, such as the live-edge dining table, and it all comes together in a collected home. Looks like just the place Shanley and Doug have been waiting for.


See more in the slideshow! And check out the feature on MyDomaine.


Claire was wonderful! I can’t say enough good things. She understood what we were looking for and helped us find the best version of that. Claire did a phenomenal job of making our home feel cohesive while still incorporating elements of our style and pieces we already had.

- Shanley Henry, Homepolish client


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