A Couple’s 3-BR Clean Slate Boston Home

A Couple’s 3-BR Clean Slate Boston Home

A Couple’s 3-BR Clean Slate Boston Home


Alexandra and Brad, advertising and finance consultants


Actually buying a home is a big step. When Alexandra and Brad bought their own place in Boston, they decided it was finally time to call in a professional Homepolish designer.

Photos by Joyelle West.

You know that feeling that happens right after you make a big decision? There’s the momentary relief of “Yes! I did it!” But that’s immediately followed by “OMG, what does this mean?” And one of the biggest decisions you can make, one of those decisions that irrevocably sets you into adulthood, is buying a home. Alexandra and Brad had just purchased their very first home in Boston. And while they were thrilled to call a place their own, they were immediately greeted by a vast space and they had no idea how to go about designing it.


Luckily, Homepolish’s Jessica Klein was able to step in and restore their excitement for their home. Working collaboratively, the trio made the absolute best and most of the new 3-bedroom home. Old furniture was replaced by new couple’s furnishings. Paint and stain finishes were renewed and refreshed. And who can miss that kitchen reno? Now, the house is theirs in deed and the interiors reflect them as well.


Jessica’s professional guidance, spot-on selections, and finishing-touch styling made the process of designing our home easier and more efficient. It was important to us that our home continue to work for years to come, and also that it be deeply personal – nearly all of our art comes from friends and family, and we planned many of the rooms around these pieces.

- Alexandra, advertising consultant
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