A Cool and Sophisticated Chicago Home

A Cool and Sophisticated Chicago Home

A Cool and Sophisticated Chicago Home


Jenny Luedke and Ari Officer, ER nurse and commodities trader


For an aspiring interior designer in Lincoln Park, Homepolish's Guinevere Johnson was just the design collaborator to bring her home to the next level.

Photos by Dustin Halleck.

Interior design, like all things, goes through trends and cycles. There are styles and concepts that come into prominence and affect the way we live. In the last couple months at Homepolish, we have seen a word on the rise, and that word is hygge. A funny little Danish word (pronounced “hue-gah”), it refers to “the art of creating intimacy…” sounds like the sort of concept we can totally get on board with at Homepolish. In Chicago, Jenny Luedke and her fiancé Ari Officer were looking to accomplish just that sense of hygge in their home.


With that, they were introduced to Homepolish designer (and queen of calm, collected hygge) Guinevere Johnson. Since she’s currently interning for the mega-design firm Holly Hunt, Jenny had a good idea of where to start, but she wanted a design collaborator to aid her along the way. When Guinevere first walked into the home, there were plenty of beautiful plants and the built-in shelving was full of personal treasures, but the rest of the space was bare. Between the three of them, they decided to take the classic Chicago midcentury vibe and marry it with a Californian coastal feel.

To maintain the light airiness of the space, a soft gray coated the walls, perfect for allowing the sunlight from the floor-to-ceiling windows to shine throughout. A pair of sofas in the exact same shade complement the space, facing each other for intimate conversations. From there, the furnishings do the talking. From the Serge Mouille chandelier to the lush velvet-upholstered chairs to the jagged side table, each corner is perfectly polished. A neon sign in the dining area reads the words of impressionist artist Gauguin: “Je ferme les yeux pour voir.” Translated, it means “I close the eyes to see.” Perhaps the best phrase to communicate the palpable comfort of the home.


Guinevere and I saw eye-to-eye on the design of the home, and she helped to open my eyes to new possibilities. She actually encouraged and inspired me to start persuing my own career in interior design.

- Jenny Luedke, Homepolish client
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