A Contemporary All-White Sanctuary in Williamsburg

A Contemporary All-White Sanctuary in Williamsburg

A Contemporary All-White Sanctuary in Williamsburg


Designer Cindy De Luzuriaga establishes a bright, airy space with pops of personality in a scenic corner of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Photos by Sean Litchfield

Not all blank slates are created equal. Some boast gorgeous finishings and sweeping views of the East River, Williamsburg Bridge, and the Manhattan skyline, like the one occupied by designer Cindy De Luzuriaga’s client, Erin. The bones of the apartment and views are so striking, in fact, that they informed Cindy’s entire design direction for the Williamsburg, Brooklyn pad.

“We wanted to capitalize on the natural finishes of the space and the view to make this a peaceful retreat to come home to,” she shares. “When I saw it in person, I knew exactly what were were going to do; the raw space was the inspiration.”

Playing off the converted concrete warehouse, originally built in 1915, Cindy established a clean, modern aesthetic that complements the interior architecture and details.

“I am a fan of white,” she says. “White fabrics, white enamel, white concrete, white frames. My mind can really relax in an all-white space. It offsets the grittiness of NYC streets and takes you away from it all.”

In the bedroom, she added visual interest to the neutral palette by adding pinstripe wallpaper, bold sconces, and asymmetrical lines from the mirror.

To keep things cohesive and airy throughout the apartment, she embraced light pieces, like acrylic bar stools in the kitchen, white linen roman shades in the bedroom, and a glass and wooden coffee table in the living room. And to take in the space’s breathtaking views, her client requested a booth-style dining area that cozies up to one of the windows, so Cindy sourced a custom bench with a grey geometric pattern that blends in seamlessly with the rest of the space.

And despite the relaxing, pared-down feel, she made sure to weave in splashes of personality. For instance, she spotlighted Erin’s affinity for llamas by incorporating pieces featuring the woolly animal in each room.

“I encourage clients to add a little of their personality and give me details about their life that we can include,” she shares.

Cindy and her client also share a love of pet portraits, so she hung a portrait of Erin’s dog Matilda in the living room, punctuating the sea of neutrals with a pop of bold red.

“It’s those subtle quirks that make the space yours and not a model apartment,” she explains. “This adds that warmth when clients are afraid of a space being cold when going minimal or Scandinavian.”

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