A Complete Remodel for an East Bay Home

A Complete Remodel for an East Bay Home

A Complete Remodel for an East Bay Home


Arleen and Greg Ramos and their daughter, Sienna


When a client moved into her childhood home, she decided that it was time to update and expand the space. Homepolish's Nina Jizhar turned the difficulty of remodeling into a fun family affair.

Photos by Helynn Ospina.

No matter who you are, chances are that you have some fond memories of the place you grew up. Whether it’s that front porch swing, the dining table your family ate around, or something as simple as the way the house smelled, there are little flickers that bring smiles to our faces. So… question. If you could, would you go back in time? That is to say, would you ever want to move back into your childhood home? For Arleen Ramos, she got to do exactly that. Right after the birth of her first daughter Sienna, her childhood home in Fremont, California, came on the market. She moved in with her husband Greg, ready to nest and make a home for her family.


Now, although Arleen had fond memories of the place, that didn’t mean she wanted to keep it exactly the same. The home had been built in 1977 and it still had 70s faux marble flooring, fluorescent kitchen lighting, and formica countertops. Obviously, Arleen grew up in a… cough, different time. She knew changes had to be made, but as she says, “I needed help with the sheer amount of decisions.” Tackling a whole home isn’t for the faint of heart, but even after consulting multiple designers, she wasn’t feeling confident. Until, that is, she found Homepolish’s Nina Jizhar.

Together, the entire home started undergoing a complete remodel. Walls came down, especially in the kitchen where an open modern farmhouse vibe brings a warm and cozy sense. In fact, it was built out so it extends just slightly into the living room. Bathrooms were completely reconfigured and new finishes came in. For example, book-matched marble slabs were installed in the master bath, an undoubtable sign of luxury. And to top it all off, Nina oversaw the addition of 500 extra square feet.


Now, it looks like Arleen and Greg are ready to start making some memories of their own. They already have baby number two on the way in August.

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Other designers looked at the house before construction and provided ZERO feedback. They just showed me pictures of other projects or examples of design boards. With Nina, she gave concrete design ideas that we included in our construction proposal that included accommodating current furniture. She made the process fun versus anxiety-provoking.

- Arleen Ramos, Homepolish client


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