A Complete Overhaul for a Bethesda Home

A Complete Overhaul for a Bethesda Home

A Complete Overhaul for a Bethesda Home


Laura Funderburke


As soon as a family moved into their new Bethesda home, Homepolish designer Jennifer Dennis hit the ground running, changing out everything from floor stains to door handles.

Photos by Laura Metzler.

Top-to-bottom, soup-to-nuts… these are terms we tend to throw around in interior design. It’s meant to denote that when came into a home a completely and thoroughly redesigned every last thing. But did we really do that? Or are we just saying that there was a lot of work? Well, in the case of this recent project by Homepolish designer Jennifer Dennis, there is no exaggeration, no embellishment. This Bethesda home really was a complete overhaul.


The client, Laura Funderburke, hired Jennifer before she even closed on the house. As Jennifer says, “she was eager to get her design goals started the day she got keys.” Hey, when you have a vision, you’ve got to GO for it! The duo began in the kitchen, the space that needed the most work. They removed an I-shaped peninsula, which had previously obstructed the floor plan, praying for hardwood underneath. They lucked out with gorgeous floorboards, which they stained in a rich, dark color that brings out the deep grain. Counters were then lengthened by ten extra inches, and a porcelain farmhouse sink was brought in, which required reinforcement from below. A sleek Wolf range is the center of the space, with a statement stainless steel hood over head. Cabinetry had to be rearranged to make room for that piece. Finally, those cabinets were painted in a soft gray to match newly installed subway tile and quartz countertops.

Phew! You would think after all that work that Jennifer and Laura would call it quits! Not these gals. They went on to complete two full bathroom renovations (hello, custom marble work) and repaint every room. Even door handles and hardware throughout the home were swapped out for a more modern black. It’s top-to-bottom stunning.

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Laura has great style and taste. I knew we’d work well together from the initial meeting. She reached out to Homepolish right before closing on the house in order to get her design goals started the day she got keys.

- Jennifer Dennis, Homepolish designer


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