A Colorful Home Office for YouTube’s Joey Graceffa

A Colorful Home Office for YouTube’s Joey Graceffa

A Colorful Home Office for YouTube’s Joey Graceffa


Joey Graceffa, YouTube and television personality


Joey Graceffa is known for his colorful and outspoken personality (he's literally sporting a teal hairdo at the moment), so when Homepolish's Orlando Soria redesigned his home office, he made sure to fill it with pizzaz.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

It’s not every day that a designer gets to work with a client who is willing to go totally bold in their home, so I was very excited to meet Joey Graceffa, YouTube star extraordinaire. Joey’s personality explodes out of his videos, and his personal style is just as creative and innovative as his online persona. In a world of beige on beige on beige, it’s always refreshing to meet someone who is as colorful as Joey. (And when I say colorful, I mean literally. Check out that HAIR!) I did my best to do Joey’s personality justice with a space that reflects his sense of adventure.


The task at hand was taking Joey’s home office from an unfurnished, discombobulated mess to a collected, colorful, and playful productive space. So Homepolish teamed up with Wayfair, online purveyor of basically everything home, to create a functional, lively space for Joey to work and make videos. Joey had a few pieces, including a luxurious, large-scale desk, which we incorporated into the room’s design. We tied everything together with a collection of art and accessories (and crystals!) that reflected Joey’s fun personality.


But while the focus of the show was Joey, I didn’t want his boyfriend (and fellow social media genius) Daniel Preda to feel left out. So once the office was all wrapped up, we got to work on the master bedroom terrace, creating a beachy getaway space with sheer curtains and blue accents. The central table can be cleared away, so the guys can practice their yoga too. I love how the serene terrace contrasts with the loud and proud office. IT’S ALL ABOUT BALANCE, PEOPLE!

Click through the slideshow and follow along with me! And check out the video below…

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