A Colorful Home For An LA Bachelor

A Colorful Home For An LA Bachelor

A Colorful Home For An LA Bachelor




Working with Old World architectural details and Modern tastes.

The website of LA’s El Royale apartment building highlights the “grandeur of the historic facade” and elegant details like iron chandeliers, hand-painted ceilings, original marble and a lot of other fancy stuff that survived from an age when superior craftsmanship was more normal. When our LA Creative Director Orlando was commissioned to design one of the building’s upper-level apartments he (and we) we were pretty excited to explore the space’s super luxe possibilities. Being young and cool, Ron wanted to work with the traditional aspects of his glam apartment while incorporating contemporary details.

Having moved from New York with a few suitcases of clothing, his original collection of movie memorabilia, some Emmys and maybe two pieces of furniture, Ron gave Orlando a lot of work to do in a short period of time. Combining reupholstered thrift finds with some sleek, contemporary accents updated the apartment without overpowering the space’s original lavish details. Under Orlando’s direction, this bright space went from a cold, empty place with excellent Old World facets to a stylish home.

Photos by Stephen Busken.


Orlando’s design for my LA bachelor pad was an absolute success—so much so, that I’m no longer a bachelor!

- Client Testimonial
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