A Colorful and Lively Brooklyn Apartment

A Colorful and Lively Brooklyn Apartment

A Colorful and Lively Brooklyn Apartment


Jyothi and Max


For a newlywed couple in Brooklyn's Park Slope, Homepolish designer Megan Hopp took a barebones apartment and transformed it into a vibrant expression of their new life together.

Photos by Sean Litchfield.

As Homepolish designer Megan Hopp says, “Design clients so often desire 50 shades of gray,” and though she doesn’t begrudge lovers of chic neutrals, she admittedly gets a little tired of it. Luckily, her latest clients, Jyothi and Max, a newlywed couple with their first purchased apartment in Park Slope, were fearless in their ability to mix colors, textures, and patterns. Having lived together for four years (with a smattering of roommates and belongings), they saw their post-wedding apartment as an opportunity to start fresh and truly build a home that would represent them.


Hearing about Homepolish through a friend who had recently completed a brownstone renovation with us, they sought out a designer who would be compatible with their style and personality. Megan quickly found that the couple was quite daring (for example, they wanted a crazy forest mural for the bedroom). She was able to hone in their ideas, making sure that everything was coherent and visually stimulating.


Megan was able to quickly convert Jyothi and Max to her special “brand of religion…” That religion happens to be wallpaper. In the bedroom, that forest mural idea was translated into a gorgeous saturated feature wall that reads like a giant watercolor. The dining area received a geometric, black-and-white pattern. Both are removable, in case the couple ever wants to change things up. But color doesn’t stop there. There’s a patterned lamp is inspired by a plate brought back from their travels in Greece. Or how about the textured wedding duvet? Or perhaps the height of quirk… a red moose hatrack!

See it all in the slideshow!


Megan picked pieces we wouldn’t normally explore or that were out of comfort zone, and she helped navigate our differences in opinions. She ultimately expanded our aesthetic. You don’t know exactly what you want until you see more possibilities, or are exposed to new ideas.

- Jyothi, Homepolish client
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  • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

    So much enthusiasm! It’s called “loveCOLORAY”

  • Evelyn Arana

    Where did she get her sofa?? It’s gorgeous!

    • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

      Hi Evelyn, the sofa is linked in the story–it’s a West Elm piece. Hope that helps!

  • sauvignonelle

    I really love that side table she has in the living room, with the black base! Where is it from?

    • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

      Hi there–that’s an AllModern piece called “Marxism end table.” Hope that helps!

  • Rebecca Semple

    Where is the bar cart from? 🙂

    • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

      Hi Rebecca, believe it or not, that was a handy Target find! Hope that helps.

  • LB

    Where are the white bedside lamps from??

    • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

      Hi there–those are West Elm pieces but our designer informed us that they are currently out of stock.