A Classically Chic Bathroom Before & After

A Classically Chic Bathroom Before & After

A Classically Chic Bathroom Before & After


Let designer Alyssa Alon boldly explain how she completely renovated a Westchester, NY bathroom to create a traditional-meets-modern spa-like space.

Photos by Claire Esparros

When a client was ready to upgrade their master bathroom, designer Alyssa Alon was more than up-to-the-task. She transformed a sad mod ‘50s bathroom outside of the NYC-area into a serene spa-like space that’s worthy of the term “master.” Sleek marble, classic flourishes, and sophisticated choices abound. We asked the designer, who’s currently relocating from Los Angeles to NYC, how she transformed this space.

Describe your design style.
I’m very much into Scandinavian design and like to mix classic/traditional elements into the space.

What were your clients hoping to achieve with this bathroom renovation?
The house was built in 1920 and each room still had its original retro tile. The house was outdated and dingy. My client had converted the old/small master bedroom and bath into a larger master bedroom. This master bathroom is an addition, giving them more space and a better flow throughout the home.

How would you describe the bathroom’s style?
The space is serene and comforting, mixing classic traditional elements with modern touches.

Can you walk us through the renovation process?
My client changed the old/small master bedroom and bath to a larger master bedroom. The new master bathroom is an addition to the house on the second floor, so my clients can have a larger master bedroom and bathroom, as well as a better flow throughout each room.

We love the elegant, classic, calming look of this bathroom. How did color pull that feeling together?
My client really wanted her walls to be a light blue, but it had to be the perfect light blue with the right amount of gray and blue in it. The light blue walls soften the black and white floor tile.

We loved that combined several different types of tile. How did you mix and match all those patterns?
My client wanted something different on her shower walls than the floor and wanted the space to feel bigger, so we used large marble tiles to achieve this look. We had the floor tile continue into the shower to make the room feel bigger. Even though the new space is bigger than her old bathroom, the master bath is still on the smaller side. But the tiles sizes help the elongate and the space.

Tell us about some of the lovely artwork!
In this case, I think artwork really helps to utilize the unused wall space. I wanted something neutral and unique but wouldn’t take away from the overall aesthetic.

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