A Chill New York Apartment for Two DJs

A Chill New York Apartment for Two DJs

A Chill New York Apartment for Two DJs


Hannah Bronfman, DJ and founder of HBFIT, and Brendan Fallis


For on-the-go DJ influencers Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis, Homepolish's Michelle Zacks designed a 3-story apartment loft to get away from it all, in partnership with Design Within Reach.

Photos by Genevieve Garruppo.

When you’re young, you imagine those dream jobs… becoming an Imagineer for Disney, a professional video game tester, or a circus trainer. But then all of a sudden, you grow up and you get one of those “real person” jobs. Well, that is, unless you’re Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis. They are traveling DJs. Just let that sink in. They are paid to travel around the world and DJ for parties. Hello, we have found our dream job.


Min Bedframe


Georg Bench


Mohair Throw


But there was a snag in this musical fairytale. Since the two are constantly on-the-go, they had no time whatsoever to design their 3-story East Village apartment loft. The space had gone through an extensive renovation by Brendan’s friend Jeffrey White, an architect for EAU, and even included a rooftop deck (talk about New York dreams!), but it did not feel like home in the slightest, even after living there for over two years. As Hannah says, “To be honest, we’ve been watching TV on an air mattress for years solely because we couldn’t pull the trigger on which couch we liked. We needed someone to make the whole situation easy for us.”


Jonas Sectional with Chaise


IC F1 Floor Lamp


Luciano Mirror


Homepolish designer Michelle Zacks was just the person to come and put her spin on things. The team focused on the den, bedroom, and outdoor space specifically, partnering with Design Within Reach for furnishings. It was time to take the apartment from simply an awesome location to a proper getaway for the two to escape their hectic lives.


Eos Rectangular Table


Eos Bench


Tolix Marais Barstool in Black


The den, which previously only had a TV stand built by Brendan, became the picture of serenity. An overstuffed sofa quickly became Hannah and Brendan’s favorite piece. Sitting beneath a piece called “Blue Sky” by Nick Fahri, it feels like you’ve actually escaped the streets of New York altogether. (And Hannah notes, it sure beats lounging on an air mattress.) The head-in-the-clouds vibe continues in the bedroom where everything is white on white. Previously, the bed had been on the floor, but now it’s elevated with crisp linens and sheepskin.

Stepping out of the sliding glass doors, you’re finally actually under the sky. Though the built-ins and greenery were there, Michelle brought in all the furnishings. There’s even an outdoor shower. And nothing says “urban oasis” in our book more than that detail.

See more in the slideshow! And check out the feature on Architectural Digest.


Michelle was great. She is so laid back, easy to work with, and brought us some incredible ideas. There’s so many little details that go unnoticed when finishing a room that you think just happen naturally, but they don’t. Michelle knows how to get the big things out of the way and finish with all the little bells and whistles to create that perfect vibe.

- Hannah Bronfman, DJ and Homepolish client


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