A Chicago Writer’s Jeweled Home

A Chicago Writer’s Jeweled Home

A Chicago Writer’s Jeweled Home


Aubre T., freelance writer


A paint job, new hardware, and pendant lights transformed Aubre's kitchen and dining room without the stress of a full renovation. Homepolish's Megan Born knows it's all in the details.

Photographs by Dustin Halleck

The little things make such a huge difference! When freelance writer Aubre (She writes American Girl books!) reached out to Homepolish, she needed a revamp but wasn’t interested in the cost or invasiveness of an actual renovation. Her designer Megan Born redesigned the place with paint, new hardware, black grout, and incredible decorative elements without disturbing the couple’s peace too much (and coming in under 10 hours!).
Among the standouts, artwork hung on the dining room’s blue accent wall is a combination of sentimental items mixed with a few new things that really represent Aubre and her husband’s lives. After all, shouldn’t your home be a visual representation of your life?
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I love that almost everything on the gallery wall represents a little of who this couple is, where they have lived, where they went to school, vacationed… The lace on the table is from their wedding!

- Megan Born, Homepolish designer
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