A Chic and Contemporary TriBeCa Apartment

A Chic and Contemporary TriBeCa Apartment

A Chic and Contemporary TriBeCa Apartment


Rebecca and Jonathan Xiong


With a new-build apartment in New York, a couple nabbed Homepolish's Tali Roth to handle everything from furnishings to finishes. The result is the perfect urban oasis.

Photos by Julia Robbs.

“Chomping at the bit” might be the phrase most apropos to describe how our designers approach a white, blank space. They are eager and ready to get started on a transformation, to bring personality and life to a otherwise nondescript place. Case in point, a project our designer Tali Roth recently completed in TriBeCa. Work began in September 2014, but it wasn’t completed until March 2016.


Anyone would balk at that 1.5-year timeline. But we can explain, honest! The clients, Rebecca and Jonathan Xiong, are brand new transplants to the city, and they purchased a new-build apartment based purely off the plans. When they contacted Tali, construction wasn’t even completed. For months, she had to work off of a rough marketing floor plan that wasn’t even to scale!


Patience is a virtue, and the Xiongs must have it in spades. Over those 18 months, they had a newborn son Max (Tali also had a baby of her own), and the home came together as well. The color palette is the defining characteristic as everything from the artwork to the furnishings and the Carrara marble countertops is strictly a sophisticated monotone. The main (and absolutely stunning) splash of color? A Carol Batchelor wallpaper in the living area that is reminiscent of oxidizing metal or perhaps a melting Jackson Pollock. The Apparatus chandelier in front of it looks like collected bubbles in a champagne flute. And you know what? After that wait, the Xiongs deserve some bubbly.


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