A Chelsea Apartment Dressed in Jewel Tones

A Chelsea Apartment Dressed in Jewel Tones

A Chelsea Apartment Dressed in Jewel Tones


Homepolish designer Kevin Clark decks out a two-bedroom apartment in bold hues and opulent textures.

Photos by Sean Litchfield.

When we think “luxury,” images of plush velvet, supple leather, and royal-robe hues come to mind.

Maybe that’s why we like Homepolish designer Kevin Clark so much. His spaces ooze graceful extravagance through experimental color palettes and refined textural choices.

When Meredith Durone and her husband Anthony asked Kevin for a helping hand, he delivered his signature lavish looks via vivid jewel tones and a curated selection of eclectic decor that invigorated their early-1900s, 2-bedroom, 1,770 square-foot Chelsea apartment.

“We had such a great time with this space—the ceilings are high and the footprint is so large,” Kevin tells us. “The client is a graphic designer and already knew what she loved. I am also an artist (who loves color) and, since it’s rare for clients to want lean that way, we had fun with it and pulled rich jewel tones.”

The bold palette is certainly eye-catching, but before Kevin and Meredith whizzed around the color wheel, Kevin set his focus on customizing the home’s layout. The open floor plan was converted into a thoughtful dining-meets-living-meets-family room area, thanks to an array of customized renovations.

“In the main living area, we installed a full, custom millwork wall to create a library setting that naturally divided the family room and the dining room,” describes the designer. “The library portion of the space is my favorite—we even used polished steel on the underside of the shelves to make it feel larger.”

By utilizing the space’s sky-high ceiling and open floor plan to shape a welcoming, relaxed environment, Kevin created a perfect blank canvas.

“​I am always drawn towards vibrant, dark tones,” Kevin tells us. “I love to balance those rich hues with subtle neutrals. I think a space needs contrast and balance.”

Kevin chose to balance a range of hues by literally balancing them—color blocking the space from end-to-end.

“​We used two colors as the main anchoring elements—mulberry and navy,” says Kevin. “The navy kitchen cabinets and dining room’s barn doors help visually anchor one axis, while the mulberry wall and velvet chair combination help to  anchor the other axis of the space.

The cobalt blue barn doors hide a closet—and mirror the kitchen reno Kevin managed on the other side (new tile and backsplash, plus that stunning coat of paint). In the dining room, one half of the table gazes at a wine-hued feature wall with perfectly-aged brass accents, while the other faces into the living room—which includes a Bordeaux-hued chair. Pedigreed pieces are paired with modern touches: a large Modo chandelier, wishbone chairs, and a graphic console.

In the living room, Kevin pulls from a wider palette, layering in a range of furnishings, accessories, and artwork.

“We grounded the living room space with the same mulberry as well as forest green, chartreuse, and emerald to add additional depth and help balance out the two main colors,” the designer explains. “Since the greens and blues were both cooler and analogous, we chose the warm cognac as an additional balancing shade for the mulberry. When you have a brave client it is amazing to get to add in a lot of fun hues with touches of black, gray, and brass elements so it does not feel like too much.”

Kevin infused even more warmth, personality, and, yes color, into the home through artwork.

“​I think color is wonderfully emotional and every person responds differently,”divulges the designer. “​Every client has a different set of responses, so the artwork is always curated for the clients.”

From an intricate gallery wall to a must-investigate print above the bar, Kevin studded the space with artful accents—including decor that helps enforce the spectrum.

“We used really great rugs to anchor each space, and playful tones of velvet really make each area feel balanced,” Kevin says.

In the bedroom, the designer dove even deeper into moodier hues. An inky, almost-black creates a serene sleep space. The daring hue draws you in—and helps brass accents pop.

“It is my favorite color to use in projects,” Kevin admits. “I have it in my home and in my office. It is one of those perfectly-tinted neutrals. A lot of people are scared of black, but I tend to think it can make spaces look bigger.” ​

If the usage of color feels measured throughout the rest of the space, the guest bathroom is more firmly out there. A kelly green, palm print wallpaper marks a bright departure—and an ode to a design icon.

“I’ve been wanting to use this Dorothy Draper-esque palm print wallpaper forever,” the designer shares. “​The client had sent an inspiration image from a hotel she loved. I loved it as well, so we decided to splurge and use it.”

To match the freshly swathed walls, Kevin extended the existing bathroom tile up to the ceiling to give the wallpaper a clean line and refreshed the room’s fixtures with equally glamorous brass options.

In the end, the home’s color story was an open dialogue between client and designer—a chance for them both to indulge and experiment in their love of hues.

“We had so much fun developing the home’s palette and style,” Kevin gushes.

Read more about Kevin’s color blocking prowess on Design*Sponge, or color your own world by requesting Kevin as your designer today. Click through the gallery for sourcing information on the space.

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