A Chef’s Kitchen for a Chicago Home

A Chef’s Kitchen for a Chicago Home

A Chef’s Kitchen for a Chicago Home


Robin Chung, VP of client services for a tech and digital marketing company


A kitchen renovation nine years in the making, Homepolish's Guinevere Johnson took an aged 80s galley space and transformed it into a bright chef's kitchen perfect for entertaining.

Photos by Dustin Halleck.

When Robin Chung, a jet-setting VP of client services at BCV, working exclusively with hotel services, first bought her home in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, she knew right away that she needed to renovate the kitchen. But as with many home projects, it fell by the wayside. Nine years by the wayside. And all the while, she was working with stunning hospitality clients. As she says, ” Working with a lot of design-centric hotel clients constantly reminds me of just how much your physical environment plays in affecting your happiness and overall mood.” She knew that it was important that her space reflected her love of entertaining and her verve for cooking. Bringing on Homepolish’s Guinevere Johnson to help was just the push she needed.

Initially, the two thought they might be able to paint and resurface cabinetry for a light update, but as they delved into the project, they opted for a full gut renovation to make a bigger statement. First, on the docket was introducing clever storage options from floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, a beautiful DIY butcher block shelf for cookbooks, and a clever built-in bench which opens for even more hidden storage. Next came the tile work, from subway tile backsplash to a stunning porcelain floor in a herringbone pattern. Artistic flourishes came in the form of sleek brass hardware (a subtle hint to Robin’s choice in edgy and geometric taste in jewelry), and the door which Guinevere previously described as an “eye sore” was made into a focal point in a bright teal hue.

Luckily, the adjoining dining area didn’t need too much work. The Saarinen chairs, chandelier, and much of the art were already in place, but an updated table brought it all together. Now, Robin is not only happy to come home to her haven of a kitchen, but she is thrilled to host people again in a space that expresses her personality. Best of all, it’s all organized to facilitate open conversation, perfect for a lively dinner party.


Working with Guin was amazing. Not only is she talented and extremely thoughtful at what she does and how she goes about working with people, but she’s become a great friend. I love that she’s familiar with the neighborhood–we live minutes from each other! She approached everything collaboratively with me, and really wanted this to be the perfect space that reflected my tastes, style, and lifestyle. This sounds like a “how we met” story, but it’s true! From the second we met, I felt like she got me.

- Robin Chung

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