A Cambridge Condo Redesign

A Cambridge Condo Redesign

A Cambridge Condo Redesign


Sundar and Evelyn Subramaniam, tech and finance startups


For a family's condo that hadn't seen an update in nearly 20 years, Homepolish's Sonja Haviland brought a contemporary revamp.

Photos by Joyelle West.

Here’s a little architecture lesson for you. Chances are that if you don’t work in architecture and design, you haven’t heard of the preeminent architect and urban planner Moshe Safdie. Let us assure you, the man is a legend in our circles. Having masterminded such projects as the Habitat 67 in Montreal (which looks like a crazy Lego construction) to sections of Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport and more recently Los Angeles’s Skirball Center, the man has had a varied and long-lasting career. But the project we’re showing off today happens to be in his Cambridge, Massachusetts development, the Esplanade condominium complex.

Inside this sloping, staircase-like building on the Charles River, the Subramaniam family bought a 2,600 square-foot condo in 1998. Based in New York, they often find themselves in the Boston area for work. However, since the space was a second home, when it came to the design and layout, it came in second to their primary residence. In fact, the apartment didn’t see a redesign in nearly 20 years.


Homepolish’s Sonja Haviland came in for a much-needed refresh of the space. Working primarily with existing furniture, the group went through each room systematically to breathe new life into the condo. Finishes and hardware were given a modern update, and Sonja carefully curated a mix of old and new furniture for an eclectic meets contemporary vibe. They even managed an overhaul of the plumbing. Now, the home is fitting of the famous address.


What I really love about this project is that we worked with a lot of existing items. Oftentimes, it’s easier to gut a space and start from scratch, but working with some of the original elements and giving them new life can be a creative challenge. A lot of the elements in the home were kept and we altered them just enough to give them new life.

- Sonja Haviland, Homepolish designer
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