A Calming Chicago Office for a Therapist

A Calming Chicago Office for a Therapist

A Calming Chicago Office for a Therapist


Kate Farrell, psychotherapist


We may not realize it, but our environment has a lasting impact on our mental health. For a therapist's office in Chicago, Homepolish's Crystal Hodges imparted a minimal and soothing aesthetic.

Photos by Dustin Halleck.

At Homepolish, we often talk about “loving where you work” and the lasting impact of your environment on your outlook. But there are few clients who have so readily embraced this idea than a recent commercial client in Chicago, Kate Farrell. Kate operates a boutique psychotherapy office, overlooking the banks of the river. Talking to us about her vision for the space, she practically took the words out of our mouths: “I believe in the healing power of space. A well-designed space in my line of work sets the groundwork for patients to create safe, loving, expressive environments in their own lives.”


She was immediately drawn to Homepolish’s aesthetic and was delighted when she was paired with our designer Crystal Hodges. Based on Kate’s goals for the office space, the two looked to the clean lines and minimalism of Scandi design as well as the environs of the Pacific Northwest for inspiration. Imagine being enveloped in a cloud but also being met with lush forest serenity.

In keeping with the idea of a cloud, the two went with a palette of all white. Wall colors, upholstery, furnishings, shelving, and even desk accessories keep the theme. The only pops of color seem to come from plants and travel pictures, perhaps lending a sense of escapism. In the main office, a piece of artwork made of feathers by Crystal seems to melt right into the wall. Across the way, a white mantlepiece encases a faux fire made of custom neon signage by Neon Design. It seems like the perfect place to curl up and let your troubles melt away. As Kate says, “The new environment and its reflection of me allows patients to feel safe, warm, heard, and understood.”

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Crystal is one of those rare wonderful people you meet who seems to live her life as though it were a work of art. Meaning, her compassionate, attentive, and innovative characteristics are clearly reflected in her work as an artist and designer. She made the process not only memorable but enjoyable.

- Kate Farrell, Homepolish client


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