Part 2: A California Home for Our Globetrotting Designer

Part 2: A California Home for Our Globetrotting Designer

Part 2: A California Home for Our Globetrotting Designer


Haley Weidenbaum, Homepolish designer


Continuing her home tour, Homepolish's Haley Weidenbaum shows us around the private spaces of her Los Angeles home, from a moody bedroom to a spa-like bathroom getaway.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

Previously, we toured the open, communal spaces of my 1920s Los Anegeles home. As I said, when my husband, Adam Weidenbaum, and I first moved into the home, we had a difficult time finding our aesthetic. But over time, we came to the realization that we could incorporate pieces from our favorite travels into our space, making it feel like we were on constant vacation.


Because of this, our home is comprised of an eclectic mix of DIY projects and vintage and contemporary pieces from a variety of vendors. Many of our accessories, like textiles from Mexico, were acquired on some of our more recent trips. Other pieces, like our dining room credenza, came from local flea markets. If an item moved us and it played well with the others already in our home, we found a place for it. Our style doesn’t fit a mold and it can’t be summed up in a buzz word. Rather, it truly is a melange of styles that speak to who we are, where we’ve been and where we hope to go.


The same is true of our private spaces. Despite the fact private spaces are just that, I give equal attention to each room. I kept in mind elements from the communal spaces and included them into the private rooms, which tied together the design once again. For example, all our window treatments throughout the house match with slight variations on drapery fabric and trim. This is a great and subtle tool in unifying all the spaces of our home. Even if it’s a guest room that’s rarely used, every room should tell a story of who you are or what you like. Our master suite was especially important as we wanted it to be our retreat. By including beloved photos and art, our favored color (hunter green), and our dream of a canopy bed, the room instantly became our ultimate getaway.

Check out the slideshow for more pics and read the feature from Elle Decor. You can also watch a video tour of my space below, presented by Tastemade.

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