A Bright Redesign for Gingerly Witty

A Bright Redesign for Gingerly Witty

A Bright Redesign for Gingerly Witty


Gingerly Witty, clothing and lifestyle brand


When it came to the new Gingerly Witty on Los Angeles's Sunset Boulevard, Homepolish's Erin Kane hit the ground running, transforming the storefront in six weeks flat.

Photos by Amy Bartlam.

For anyone who has ever had to deal with commercial design, whether it’s a restaurant, an office, or a new retail storefront, you know that it is not an easy situation. Between permitting, multiple contractors, and dealing with unpredictable old buildings, design work can fall weeks or sometimes months behind. So when Homepolish designer Erin Kane met with Erin Lally, founder of the clothing and lifestyle brand Gingerly Witty in Los Angeles, she made her intent very clear: she wanted a soft open of the new store in six weeks. Flat.


Set in the center of Echo Park on the famed Sunset Boulevard, the location was perfect to become not only a retail hub for the relaxed California brand but also a community hub. The only problem? The space was hardly ideal. When the two Erins first walked in, they were met with a dingy karate dojo. Yes, a literal dojo. Imagine fluorescent track lighting, minimal (if any) design accents), scuffed flooring, and mirrored walls. Refinishing the floors and re-plastering the walls to match the original aesthetic were the first priorities. A back storage area (necessary for all retail operations) had to be built out, and all lighting had to be replaced.

Once the bones of the space were in order, the team was finally able to start properly outfitting it for retail. Many of the standout design moments were custom by Erin (Kane) herself. The copper clothing racks, the dressing room, the reclaimed wood cash wrap, and shelving… that’s all Erin Kane. Other artistic moments such as the rugs and the vintage ladders were sourced through Craigslist and local artisans, or even Erin Lally’s own collection. That yarn wall weaving behind the register, for example? That piece is hand-knotted by Erin and her mother Claudine.


Oh, and did we mention the best part? They met that six-week deadline. See more in the slideshow!


The vision for the space and the reality of it stayed true to itself throughout the entire design process. The client loves it and that is always the most important aspect for me. When you come into Erin’s shop, she wants you to feel welcomed and part of the community. I think we achieved that.

- Erin Kane, Homepolish designer


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