A Bright Office Expansion for IF Studio

A Bright Office Expansion for IF Studio

A Bright Office Expansion for IF Studio


IF Studio, creative agency


Moving into a sun-drenched white box space in the NoMad area, IF Studio hired Homepolish's Tina Rich to make their office reflect their creative company mission.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

IF Studio, founded by Toshiaki Ide and Amy Frankel (thus the I-F), is a creative agency that thoroughly believes in the power of storytelling. Working with such varied companies from magazines to New York properties, they strive to find emotional connections between their clients and their targeted consumers. As readers of Homepolish would know, we also believe that there is a natural emotional connection between people and the space they inhabit. When IF Studio expanded their offices to a 3,700 square-foot NoMad space, that connection simply wasn’t there. Yet.


Before the company even signed the lease, they had Homepolish’s Tina Rich come and assess the space to see if it would be appropriate for space planning and future growth. Once she gave them the a-ok, they moved forward with adding their unique brand personality into the white box. The main goals in the design were to accommodate spaces for each of the 14 team members (and growing) to flex their creative muscles while also allowing for areas to display past work.

Keeping the design simple and neutral, Tina constructed a glass-fronted conference room that still allows sunlight to filter into the rest of the office. Individual workspaces are carved out for non-group work. Art and the company’s own photography is layered throughout the space, interspersed with Toshi’s own vintage accessories. But if you ask the staff what their favorite part is, they will answer enthusiastically: the kitchen is HEAVEN. We might counter argue to say the whole space is divine.

To see the whole space, and the before shots, clock through the slideshow!


It was a dream to work with Tina! She was smart, efficient, had a great design sense, and totally “got us” from the initial meeting. We ABSOLUTELY love that the design reflects our aesthetic: smart, clean, modern, elegant, and always with elements of surprise!

- Amy Frankel, cofounder of IF Studio
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