A Bright, Breathtaking Apartment in Brooklyn Heights

A Bright, Breathtaking Apartment in Brooklyn Heights

A Bright, Breathtaking Apartment in Brooklyn Heights


Naomi and Zvi Lantsberg


In a building originally built as a warehouse in 1928, Homepolish's Emma Beryl took the sweeping space and transformed it into a contemporary heaven.

Photos by Nick Glimenakis.

Brooklyn Heights has the reputation of being one of the borough’s more posh neighborhoods, but let’s just say, it wasn’t always that way. The building that Naomi and Zvi Lantsberg, recent Homepolish clients, currently live in was originally built as a warehouse in 1928. At the time, the area had begun to resemble a slum, a New York bohemia of writers and artists.

Looking around the 2-bedroom apartment, you can still see remnants of that old history. Blackened steel-framed floor-to-ceiling windows allow the sunlight to stream in, and the ceilings seem to simply vault above you. When the building was converted into apartments with sweeping floor plans, they were full of potential… but some of the design decisions were a little off. Finishes and hardware came off as a bit sterile, and every wall in the Lantsberg’s apartment was a different pastel shade.

Calling Homepolish’s Emma Beryl to the (warehouse) floor. The couple wanted to keep some of the modern and sleek vibes but soften it with some warmth. In other words, it had to feel more like a home. Emma started with those walls right away, choosing just the right shade of white for some gallery-like uniformity. Next, they switched out all of the standard light fixtures from the Sputnik chandelier over the dining area and the glass orbs in the kitchen to the Restoration Hardware chandelier in the bedroom.

And speaking of the bedroom, we come to the couple’s favorite part: a feature wall in white-washed Stikwood. It’s simultaneously rustic and cozy but contemporary. And somehow the whole space carries that theme of comfort with modernity. Naomi jokes that their design inspiration was her white dog Dillon. Light, soft, clean, and approachable.


Emma was amazing to work with. Not only is she incredibly talented as a designer, but she’s also a fun and awesome person. It felt like one of my friends was helping me create the perfect space. Now that we’re done, I miss her.

- Naomi Lantsberg, Homepolish client