A Bright and Shining Silver Lake Home

A Bright and Shining Silver Lake Home

A Bright and Shining Silver Lake Home


Grasie Mercedes, actor and founder of Style Me Grasie, and husband Damien, TV/radio host


For two former MTV employees, music and art are an essential part of life. Homepolish's Caroline Wolf brought lyricism to their day-to-day home design in LA.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

Grasie Mercedes and her husband Damien might be the epitome of what we would call the “cool kids.” When the pair met, they both worked in the NY branch of MTV, she as a producer and he as a video jockey on the pop show TRL. A cross-country drama proceeded, with Grasie first moving to Los Angeles, long-distance relationships, reuniting in the Big Apple, and finally moving together to Los Angeles. They thrived in the California sun as she pursued acting and style blogging and he went after TV and radio hosting. And as one would expect from their travels and line of work, their initial Hollywood pad was full of artwork and music memorabilia.


When the couple decided to move to the more residential area of Silver Lake, they needed Homepolish’s Caroline Wolf to adapt their particular look of “cool” for the new space. For Grasie, it was important to “bring the neighborhood into the home.” Luckily, Caroline was the perfect match for that since she lives only a couple minutes away. (She remarks, “I can see their building from my house!”) Furnishings were found in local shops, and the couple tapped their artist friends for more eclectic work. And in a New York-minute, the work was done… or should we say LA-minute?



Working with Homepolish and Caroline was a dream. As an actress living in LA, my schedule is unpredictable and insane; as a lifestyle blogger, I wanted the most beautiful, Instagrammable home. Caroline captured the essence of ​me and my husband’s aesthetic as well as our love of color and music.

- Grasie M., Homepolish client
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