A Bright And Beautiful San Clemente Beach House

A Bright And Beautiful San Clemente Beach House

A Bright And Beautiful San Clemente Beach House




In the sleepy, coastal neighborhood of San Clemente, West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria led a complete gut renovation, turning a beach house into a sun-washed getaway.

Photos by Tessa Neustadt.

After a wonderful time working with Emily Henderson, one of my first solo clients was a lovely couple who I have been working with on and off for the last five years. About a year ago, they texted me to let me know they bought a new beach house and wondered if I’d help them with design and décor. I was like, “DUH LADIEZ, I LOVE BEACH HOUSES!” (Is there anyone who doesn’t?) My Venice beach house project is still one of my faves. It’s so bright and happy and breezy. Since I live in LA, you’d think I’d go to the beach all the time. But once you’ve lived here for a while, you start to be like “I CAN’T GO TO THE BEACH! THE TRAFFIC! WHERE WILL I PARK? WHAT ABOUT ALL THE GARBAGETOURISTS?!?” You get kind of spoiled here and take the beach for granted. And since I moved to the east side of the city (Silver Lake), where it can take you an hour to get to the beach, I’ve pretty much stopped going altogether.


That’s why it was so fun to work on this gut-reno project in San Clemente. My clients (who wish to remain anonymous, so I’ll be calling them Michelle and Barack), bought a home in a cute residential neighborhood that looks like it was plucked out of the 1950s. Which makes sense because the house was built in 1953. And you know what? The house had pretty stayed there with tired carpeting and a choppy floor plan. Literally tearing down walls and bringing in a light and bright color scheme, we were able to bring it to its full beachy glory.


Follow along with me in the slideshow and I’ll tell you what we did to transform this house from DATED to ELATED in a matter of (millions of) minutes! If you just can’t get enough, check out Lonny’s coverage of the space!

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