A Bold, Patterned New York Pied-à-terre

A Bold, Patterned New York Pied-à-terre

A Bold, Patterned New York Pied-à-terre


Shuchi Kothari, cofounder of Porte Mode, and her husband Rahul

For a couple's New York summer apartment, Homepolish designer Louisa Roeder layered in pattern, color, and texture to make a place reminiscent of their far-off home.

Photos by Claire Esparros.

Have you ever wondered where in the world exactly halfway across globe is from your location? Turns out that for the island of Manhattan, you end up right in the middle of the Indian Ocean. And it just so happens that this is rather close to where a recent client, Shuchi Kothari, lives during most of the year. Having attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, she used to live in a Flatiron apartment, and once she graduated, she wisely kept the space.


But think about it. When it comes to college life versus adult life, there are some major differences. Shuchi had since cofounded the company Porte Mode, and she married her husband Rahul. However, if you looked at the apartment, you’d never know that she had even graduated… most of the furnishings were from her student years. Luckily, during those student years, she met Louisa Guy Roeder, who would go on to become a Homepolish designer.


Now, if you’ve seen Louisa’s home in Brooklyn, you know she has a clean, European aesthetic. Not so for Shuchi, who is a native of India. Bold colors and patterns make her feel more at home. It was up to Louisa to bring that excitement to the apartment (but still make it coherent). The end result is a bold, “safari-like” home… reminiscent of India, right until you see the Flatiron Building outside the windows.


It’s absolutely fantastic to work with Louisa! She takes direction well, but also has a great aesthetic of her own. She’s also has a lovely positive attitude, not afraid to get down and dirty, organize all your clutter, and look for cheap finds. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone looking to spruce up their place.

- Shuchi Kothari, cofounder of Porte Mode
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