A Boho Yoga Studio for Brooklyn’s Heatwise

A Boho Yoga Studio for Brooklyn’s Heatwise

A Boho Yoga Studio for Brooklyn’s Heatwise


Homepolish designer Chloe Chudina incorporated cozy textures, sleek surfaces, and warm colors to create a chill environment for Brooklyn's Heatwise yoga studio.

Photos by Julia Robbs.

Sometimes all you want to do is clear your mind of thoughts about business calls, meetings, memos, playdates, and date-dates, but the yoga studio is so cramped (and poorly designed) that you can’t focus on tree pose.

Enter Heatwise. The Brooklyn Heights-based studio balances top-tier yoga teachers with relaxed, airy vibes, giving yoga-lovers a stylish way to sweat it all out in hot Vinyasa classes. The studio, which opened in August of 2017, always had its overarching mission in mind, but needed some help with crafting the vision for its loft-like space. That’s where Homepolish designer Chloe Chudina got involved.

Founder and owner Samantha Scupp was exhausted from the daily grind of the film industry and decided to take her love of yoga to the next level and provide an alternative for people just like her.

“I opened Heatwise to make people feel good,” she describes. “I struggled for years to find a hot yoga studio that addressed my needs and was determined to create a space and an experience that elevated the concept in a premium, yet thoughtful way.”

According to Samantha, the typical Heatwise client “appreciates cleanliness, comfort, amenities, and all the extra little details.”

“We welcome anyone who has been burned in the past by a less-than-hospitable experience,” continues Samantha. “Most importantly, we attract people who are looking for the best teachers in the city!”

To match the ethos behind the studio, Chloe aimed for a “bohemian glam” feel.

 “At first the space pretty raw and empty—it required what would become a lot of architectural work to make the transformation into a yoga studio,” Chloe tells us.

To start, the space was completely cleared out to make way for a welcome desk, hang-out area, lockers, showers, and the studio room itself. With the elements in place, Chloe was able to focus on turning the bare bones into something blissful.

“Initially I found that it was a little challenging because the studio’s foundation, with its open beams and towering brick walls, is very industrial,” says Chloe. To counterbalance that rough aesthetic, Chloe chose to embrace the building’s laidback look and focus on texture and function.

Glamorous accents like deep blue velvet, brass hardware, and glossy white lockers bring a degree of sophistication to the space’s down-to-earth bones.

“I love the mixture of textures—the soft velvet sofa and shag rug against the rustic backdrop of exposed beams and rough bricks,” Chloe says.

But plush furniture and chic details alone do not a stylish yoga studio make. Both Chloe and Samantha felt that infusing a feeling of zen into the studio was crucial so that clients would be mindful what their purpose of being at a yoga class is.

To do that, the pair turned to mother nature. “Greenery is very important because it brings the outside in. Plants help filter air and reduce toxins in the interior environment. Additionally, they elevate people’s mood and create a sense of calm,” says the sage designer.

Thankfully getting the right planters was easy—Samantha’s mother-in-law makes beautiful pottery they were able to integrate into the space.

“I used macrame planters in the windows to help make the pottery and plants a focal point by raising them up to eye-level, which helped to achieve the bohemian vibe we were going for,” Chloe tells us.

In the end, the space draws exactly the talent and clientele Samantha was looking for—Heatwise boasts some of the best yoga teachers in the city and averages stellar five-star ratings on Yelp and ClassPass.

“Working with Homepolish was as seamless as could be,” Samantha tells us. “Chloe made the experience easy and fun. She listened to my vision and helped me every step of the way to create a stunning space. Everyone compliments the studio design when they walk in for the first time!”

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