A Bohemian Escape from the City

A Bohemian Escape from the City

A Bohemian Escape from the City


Heather, pilates studio owner, and James Rhyu, CBS Interactive finance


You can take the couple out of the West Coast, but you can't take the West Coast out of the couple. Homepolish's Hope Scully helped a family achieve California serenity in a suburb just outside of New York City.

Photos by Heidi's Bridge.

One might argue that no matter how long you’ve lived in a certain locale, you always bring a touch of “home” with you. After all, that’s part of what makes a home so personal… those individual moments that show off your history. For Heather and James Rhyu, though they have both lived in New York for quite sometime, a piece of their hearts will always be in California.

West Elm

Metal Frame Upholstered Chair

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West Elm

Terrace Coffee Table

West Elm

Souk Rug

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With the arrival of their firstborn, Hayden, the time was right to decamp to the suburbs outside of the big city, specifically the little village of Dobbs Ferry in Westchester County. They set about renovating the first floor, removing walls and renovating the kitchen, to give it that open, airy feeling so common in California. Over two years, they furnished the home with relaxed, bohemian choices. But with the arrival of a newborn, Kieran, they decided to bring in Homepolish’s Hope Scully for some finishing touches to bring the whole home to the next level.

West Elm

Distressed Arabesque Wool Rug, Midnight

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West Elm

Midcentury Nightstand

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Midcentury Mini Desk


In projects such as this, the little details make it. Furnishings and upholstery are mainly white, with accents of tribal prints on pillows and rugs. Maps of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York all speak to past cities they’ve lived in. Photography is mostly from Gray Malin, showing off coastal scenes and pools. And that oil painting in the more formal living room? It was a gift from a friend. Reminiscent of the deep blue Pacific, you can practically dive right in. The family of four can practically smell the ocean breeze.


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Hope was great and really understood the style I was going for in the three rooms. She really helped put everything together in a cohesive way, which is what I was struggling with.

- Heather Rhyu, Homepolish client


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    Hi Sean, the sectional is a West Elm piece and the Chandelier was a lucky Urban Outfitters find. Hope that helps!