A Backyard Casita in Dallas

A Backyard Casita in Dallas

A Backyard Casita in Dallas


Paige Morse, Homepolish designer


Our designer Paige Morse has brought our lil' kid fantasies to life with this studio in her backyard. It's exactly where we want to hang out every day forever.

Photos by Cody Ulrich

Wanting a designated work space outside of her home, our Dallas-based designer Paige Morse turned her innovative eye outside. With her contractor’s help, two existing sheds in poor condition were stripped down to their studs, pushed together, and given new life with wall planks, a vintage bath tub, and some incredible styling by Paige. Remember when you were little and all you wanted was a mini house with mini stuff in it that was all part of your own mini life? The fantasy of the treehouse hideaway has continued well into our adulthoods and this “Casita” (small house in Spanish) is really tickling our nostalgia bones. Tour the space in the slideshow and tell us you aren’t dying to drop everything and buy a shed to transform into a fairy getaway.

And lest you think that Paige’s genius is confined only to this tiny house, check out her beautiful regular-sized home here.

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