8 Questions With The Design Duo Behind The Playhouse

8 Questions With The Design Duo Behind The Playhouse

8 Questions With The Design Duo Behind The Playhouse

We asked the design team behind The Playhouse, Tina Rich and Tali Roth, all about their chic new office and what they really think of each other's style.

Photos by Christian Torres.

Here at Homepolish we’re pretty great at connecting people. We set people up with their dream design team all the time.

We also did a great job of introducing designers Tina Rich and Tali Roth, who have teamed up on a plethora of projects and now work together at a shared office called The Playhouse. The space is as stylish as they are—filled with clever built-ins, surprising accents, and, perhaps most excitingly, shoppable accents. We decided to pick their collective brains to see how the space came together and how they’ve managed to balance work and…play.

What’s your favorite part of the space?
Tina Rich: It’s impossible to choose a favorite! I spend most of my time in the bench seat by the window. I love the laid-back linen cushions with the dusty blue piping, the arched window, that we covered the base of the bench in carpet, the terracotta pendant, and of course, the custom terrazzo table. We really filled the space with items that we love. We wanted to be able to share those items so we made the office shoppable! You can purchase most items on our website (thetrplayhouse.com).

Tali Roth: There isn’t anything I don’t love. I think my favorites are the ceiling and the custom desks we designed to zigzag in the space.

How is Tina/Tali as an office mate?
Tina: She’s a clean freak! She bought us two vacuums and isn’t afraid to use them. I make sure we are stocked on seltzer. It’s the perfect match.

Tali: Tina is the best. She’s organized and keeps me focused when I am trailing off on a tangent of irrelevant stories and is very fair and balanced in the business advice she gives me.

Please describe each other’s style in one sentence.
Tina: Tali’s style is curated and unexpected. She’s an expert at mixing materials, sourcing unique vintage finds, and curating an epic gallery wall.

Tali: I would describe Tina as meticulous, a color alchemist, and all about the little details. She’s a bit boho but a bit futuristic too! Hard to explain!

You mentioned to Architectural Digest that you feel like the office is space is reflective of where you see color palettes going? Can you tell us a little bit more about that and why you chose the shades you did?
Tina: We wanted the space to be bright and colorful, mixing dusty colors—like the blue and purple stripe—with pops of more saturated colors—like the yellow chairs and fiery orange ottoman. Tali really saw yellow and lavender as the next big colors, and it works perfectly on the vintage tulip chairs we had reupholstered and the stripe on the wall. I’m really loving a dusty blue and think it’s the perfect accent on the bench cushions and wall stripe. We opted for different shades of beige on the ceiling and the arch above our desks, and I really think that beige is the new neutral!

Tali: What Tina said—we were both into certain colors and we worked on the perfect hues and created this great palate of beige, yellow, duck egg, lavender, and calamine.

Tell us more about the stripes on the ceiling. Why did you decide to go so bold in a small space?
Tina: We took inspiration from Thierry Mugler’s Paris apartment from the 80’s which has these very stripes and geometric shapes painted on the walls. We wanted to translate that into the 70’s Mediterranean vibe we were going for by painting an arch above our desks and doing a stripe on the ceiling inspired by the striped awnings that are often seen along the Italian coast.

You made two choices I think a layperson would never even begin to think of: your not-straight desk and your arched window/window seat. Tell us a little bit about the thought process around those choices.
Tali: I love odd geometric shapes in furniture and had wanted to create a desk or dining table with that aesthetic and it made total sense here as it gave us all a little bit of separation from each other. The arched window was a no brainer… once I verbalize it (a little intimidated to execute it) Tina knew exactly how to make that happen.

You designed many of the pieces yourselves – like the terrazzo table and ottomans. How did you decide which pieces to source vs. those you wanted to design together?
Tina: We knew we wanted a mix of vintage, custom designed by us, and pieces from our favorite makers. We also really wanted to try out some brave ideas that hadn’t really found a place in our client’s spaces, like the terrazzo table. This is definitely the piece de resistance and really took some sweat. We sourced all the marble ourselves and even helped smash it into pieces (which was really fun/therapeutic and I highly recommend) and had a fabricator set it into concrete.

Tali: I echo Tina. I always mix items in my interiors: high-end custom, regular retail, and then vintage. We took the same approach here. Anything we couldn’t find in the marketplace we designed ourselves.

What are you most looking forward to design-wise in 2019?
Tina: Because this space is our own, we really allowed ourselves to be playful and take risks, which I plan to do more of in 2019.

Tali: I’m looking forward to being more authentic. Trying to ignore trends of any kind and just going with my gut. I think it will benefit me and my clients. I am also committed to more custom pieces.

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