7 Creative Ways to Go Bold In Your Kitchen

7 Creative Ways to Go Bold In Your Kitchen

7 Creative Ways to Go Bold In Your Kitchen

Step aside, all-white kitchens. We’re revealing seven ways to embrace more daring design in your home's culinary hub—and the results are anything but cookie cutter.

The world has a seemingly insatiable appetite for the all-white kitchen. Between the marble countertops, the crisp white paint, and the bright, airy vibes, the all-white kitchen is a sleek sanctuary, and the perfect clean slate for a world of culinary creations. But for those with a taste for more adventurous design, we’re sharing seven creative ways to invite a bolder edge into your kitchen. Who knows, they may even rub off on your cooking.

Design by: Noa Santos
Photo by: Julia Robbs

1. Statement Lighting

A sculptural pendant can add a dynamic focal point to any room, but there’s something especially alluring about statement lighting hovering over a kitchen island—as our founder Noa Santos proves in Homepolish’s HQ in New York City.

Design by: Jennifer Hallock
Image by: Nick Glimenakis

2. Retro Seating

Old-school diner booths are one of the most iconic forms of dining seating, and designer Jen Hallock shows us they can feel entirely fresh in a modern kitchen, and in shiny blue vinyl upholstery no less. No roller skates required.

Design by: Marc Houston, Barbie Palomino
Image by: Claire Esparros, Madeline Tolle

3. Colorful Cabinets

Painting your cabinets a bright hue is a sure-fire way to draw the eye. For an on-trend choice, opt for blush pinks or cheery yellow. And to keep things cool yet colorful, we recommend a coat of aqua or teal blue paint.

Design by: Cindy DeLuzuriaga, Hope Holland (above)
Photo by: Sean Litchfield, Claire Esparros (above)

4. The Bold Backsplash

The backsplash has recently emerged as the hottest way to, well, make a splash in the kitchen. But in lieu of the ubiquitous subway tile, we recommend an eye-catching design or color that will promote your kitchen’s backdrop to the center of attention.

Design by: Michelle Zacks
Photo by: Claire Esparros

5. Statement Shelving

You’ve got pretty incredible dishware, so why not show it off? Open shelving is an easy way to put your stylish kitchen accessories—plus a plant or two—on display. As designer Michelle Zacks demonstrates, you don’t have to use open shelving exclusively to make an impact. We all have an eyesore saucepan or two that’s better tucked away, so opt for a mix of open shelving and cabinets.

Design by: Elizabeth Bomberger
Photo by: Regan Wood

6. An Accent Island

The island is the center of any kitchen, so give it the moment it deserves by painting it a show-stopping shade a la Elizabeth Bomberger’s design. Go the extra mile, and opt for a complementary backsplash that adds a similar wow factor.

Design by: Nicole Newkirk, Daniela Malca Benloulou
Photo by: Helynn Ospina, Amy Bartlam

7. All-White With A Twist

If you can’t resist the airy charm of the all-white kitchen (and we could hardly fault you), try adding some unexpected elements. Neon stools, a patterned area rug, colorful tiles, or even a lucite table, can add fun pops of personality to your otherwise pared-down space.

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