6 Fresh Ways to Incorporate Florals In Your Home

6 Fresh Ways to Incorporate Florals In Your Home

6 Fresh Ways to Incorporate Florals In Your Home

Think floral design can only look dainty and demure? Our designers are proving florals can be used to make bold, even cutting-edge statements. Here, we share six fresh ways to embrace the timeless trend in your home.

Florals are one of the best ways to breathe life into your home. It’s also a trend that can get a bad rap for teetering on the dated side, thanks in large part to the ‘80s and those ubiquitous Laura Ashley bedspreads. Fortunately for flower lovers, our designers are constantly finding creative ways to incorporate floral designs—and the result is decidedly of the moment. Read on for six of the freshest ways to embrace florals in your home.

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Design by: Beth Partyka, Nicole Fisher
Photo by: NA, Sean Litchfield


Wallpaper is having a major moment, but in lieu of dated, demure prints from decades past, our designers are gravitating towards bold, dramatic floral statements. Think moody colors and eye-catching statements, perfect for jazzing up bedroom or bathroom walls.

Design by: Elizabeth Bomberger
Photo by: Regan Wood


If you’re looking for an unexpected way to invite florals into your home, consider the kitchen backsplash. The perfect canvas for a mosaic, Eden-inspired design, a floral backsplash—like the one designer Elizabeth Bomberger used  in her client’s Brooklyn brownstone—will make you want to retire the tried-and-true subway tile.

Design by: Daniela Malca Benloulou, Emma Beryl
Photo by: Amy Bartlam, Nick Glimenakis


Speaking of tile, your floor is another opportunity to literally ground you home with florals. Whether you’re looking to establish a colorful retro moment, as perfected by designer Daniela Malca Benloulou in her client’s home outside of LA, or make a simpler statement a la designer Emma Beryl, tiles can add a dose of fresh floral charm to a kitchen or bathroom.

Design by: Amy Courtney, Louisa Roeder
Photo by: Genevieve Garruppo, Shuchi Kothari


Not all old-school floral trends are passé. Delightfully feminine floral bedding—akin to the kind your parents may have sprung for in their guest room—is making a major comeback. One way to ace the trend: opt for quilts in bold, multi-colored patterns. The traditional bedding choice proves a touch of nostalgia can still feel entirely fresh and even a little bold, as Amy Courtney demonstrates with her client’s modern, feminine pad (left).

Design by: Tali Roth, Julia Montanez, Ashlie Mastony (bottom)
Photo by: Genevieve Garruppo, Claire Esparros, Kelsey Ann Rose (bottom)


Flowers have served as the ultimate artists’ muse for millenniums, and our designers are finding new ways to propel this trend into the present day—from punchy gallery walls to an artful series of framed floral sketches. And if you’re looking to create a statement-worthy floral moment, we suggest using a large-scale, saturated piece to offset a more pared-down room.

Design by: Aliette Trelles, Ariel Okin
Photo by: Jamie Kolnick, Seth Caplan


Don’t be afraid to color outside the vines (pardon our pun) when embracing florals. A floral-adorned mirror, Asian-inspired divider, or even a garden-themed coffee table book can add a welcome dose of florals to your abode.

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