5 Tips for First-Time Interior Design Clients

5 Tips for First-Time Interior Design Clients

5 Tips for First-Time Interior Design Clients

Never worked with an interior designer before? Here are the secrets to making sure your design experience is just as polished as your finished project.

Working with a Homepolish interior designer for the first time should be a fun and exciting process, but we know that any new experience can bring its own stress points and confusion. Not sure what to expect or how to make the most of your experience? No need to get frazzled.


Before you get started, it’s best to figure out your needs, wants—and your budget to accomplish them. Factor in if you’ll need the help of experts beyond your designer—construction specialists, contractors, or any other renovation pros. Whatever your budget or general concept, your designer will present you with bundles of ideas to improve your space. If you can come prepared with samples of spaces you like or pieces that you are interested in, it’s a great guide to help them understand your sense of your style and wants.


You’ve hired a designer for the first time, so the good news is you’ve taken the first step towards making your space a place you love. When working with a designer the more open-minded you are the more you will garner from the design process. The thing about stretching your aesthetic boundaries is that you can’t anticipate what new pieces you might like until you see them. Start off the process by being honest about what styles or design elements are really off-putting to you. It’s just as important to know what you dislike (and letting your designer know) as knowing what you do like.


Sometimes, letting go can be the hardest part of the process. While some clients let designers go in whichever creative directions they please, others expect to be involved in each and every decision in the process. A degree of collaboration is necessary and should be expected, but too much input from the client can make it challenging for a designer to do what they do best in their own way. Each designer has a process or technique that makes them work at maximum efficiency. Following a designer’s lead and giving the feedback only when asked won’t always come as second nature, but it’s important to remember that design is a collaborative process. Be vocal and participate in the creation of your space (all the while, keeping in mind that your designer is a pro).


Interior design is a process, one that requires a good amount of exploration. As much as it sounds like fun choosing paint shades or rug patterns, it’s more hard work than many designers let show. Homepolish designers are invested in making sure that the spaces they make reflect the people they make them for, and that takes some leg work. Unless you are giving your designer the go-ahead to make all executive decisions, expect some back-and-forth in the sourcing process. Your designer will be creative and intuitive, and sometimes that means a client might need time to deliberate in their own. If you are willing to make the commitment to delving into this process, give yourself ample time to get the job done right the first time.


The number one question when people start a project is usually: “How long is this going to take?” There’s no one answer; it all depends upon the individual client and how much time they like to take when it comes to making big choices—and of course the level of construction or renovation your project might include. Being confident in your decisions is important, but time can get away from you if you find yourself constantly weighing and changing options. There will always be hundreds of other chairs, countertops, and pillows out there, but if you like what you see early on—commit. Let go of the anxiety and fear that something better is around the corner. This type of paralysis can halt a project in its tracks, leaving you overwhelmed and under-decorated. Follow your instincts every time, and your designer will keep you on track to bring together your favorites pieces in a smart and stylish way.

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