5 Homepolish Rooms to Fall in Love with

5 Homepolish Rooms to Fall in Love with

5 Homepolish Rooms to Fall in Love with


All Homepolish rooms are swoon-worthy, but these five in particular are almost as cool as the upcoming autumn weather. Our designer Angela Belt walks us through each cozy space and delves into how to achieve fall perfection in your home.

It’s officially fall, and we are coming up on our last few months when we can stroll down the street and design stalk our neighbors’ homes by peering into their windows and dreaming about our new (and improved) lives in their living rooms. In this article, you can have the same daydreams after viewing these jaw-droppingly gorgeous interiors. BUT you can do it in the safe confines of your home with a cup of hot apple cider in hand.



Winter Is Coming

Truer words have never been spoken from House Stark, and now is the time to make sure your home is ready to entertain for the fall/winter season. If you decide to go with a monotone color palette in your room, adding texture with a plush area rug and draping a throw blanket on the sofa will enhance your space. In this case, Homepolish designer Amanda Breslow was smart to select wood finishes and gold metallics to warm up a New York family room. Designers often gravitate toward walnut and dark finishes to make a space feel cozy and lived-in. But cherry, oak, and maple can have the same effect. Plus, they feel modern in a light, neutral space.



Brunch can wait

Breakfast-in-bed tops brunch at any five-star restaurant any day with a well-designed bedroom (such as our designer Haley Weidenbaum‘s LA retreat). I mean, check out this dreamy boudoir… you not only get a four poster bed, you also get a bonus sofa. Haley earns some extra swoon points in this room by making sure that everything around this bed is drool-worthy. The hunter green wall color is the all-important factor in making the room feel intimate. Plus, the wall accessories, the sconces, and the white bedding loaded up with cool decorative pillows? I mean, come on. I’m not going anywhere. Especially a crowded brunch spot.



Sheepskin… aka Chic-skin

Yeah, it’s cold, so I am giving you full carte blanche to layer in sheepskin throws, cowhide rugs, and anything soft and fluffy to add some cozy elements into a room. This breakfast nook by Homepolish’s Talia Laconi sells the whole dream for me. When it comes to getting your space ready for the fall, it’s all about how to augment it by bringing in new pieces that will add warmth to your home (but without having to completely redesign). This room shows off how to use subtle changes in décor. Underfoot, a rustic cowhide rug sits below the tulip table, and sheepskin throws paired with these lucite chairs make them a bit more inviting (especially on chilly mornings). Mod meets cozy accents in a delightful way.



Pillow Talk

Every new season is the perfect time for an accessory makeover, and pillows can effortlessly transform a space. If you’re like me and you like to load up your sofa with pillows, make sure you have a plan before you go overboard. A good strategy for selecting pillows is to start with a solid, a pattern, and a textured fabric and connect them through color. Voila, you’ve got it! In this posh New York apartment by Homepolish’s Jennifer Hallock, the addition of various pillows creates small points of visual interest among the larger statement pieces such as the sofas, cocktail table, and accent chairs. Comfy pillows also allow guests to lounge back and slowly sink into your sofa as they sip on their wine.



I Crush Velvets

The soft hand of a velvet fabric feels luxurious and will keep you warm in colder weather, so plan to bring some into your home too. This NY living room by Homepolish’s Matthew Cane looks so decadent with this updated chesterfield sofa and the teal swivel accent chair. No one said that just because you had a velvet sofa, you couldn’t be a little greedy and get a velvet accent chair too.


So if you’re still staring at these room settings and saying to yourself, “I want that room. It’s exactly what I want in life!”… Then, come on, book a Homepolish designer! We will make sure your room is swoon-worthy too.