5 Design Trends to Watch for this Spring

5 Design Trends to Watch for this Spring

5 Design Trends to Watch for this Spring


Good design never goes out of style, but even so, we're constantly on the lookout for cool design trends that are popping up every season. Homepolish's Justin DiPiero walks us through his favorites.

Spring has sprung and with it, a whole array of new design ideas have come about. We’re not sure if it’s the brightening and warming of the weather or the sprouting tulips poking through the ground, but something about this season brings out people’s creativity. At Homepolish, we’re not ones to talk about trends and predicting (we think that good design goes beyond trends), but we couldn’t help but wonder what new things are popping up this season. We turned to our designer Justin DiPiero to talk about new ideas that are springing forth this season.

1. Talk about that Pantone Palette

Pale pastel tones have been trending for a while, but recently with the launch of Pantone’s not one, but TWO colors of the year, these soft hues are seemingly everywhere. Take the latest tours on our very own website! A glittering jewelry studio in Boston by Caroline Hughes showcased a beautiful version of rose quartz on the walls, while a regal & modern Midtown apartment by Matthew Cane soothed the senses with a muted and serene blue hue.



2. And speaking about color… mint?

Another color fave that seems to be everywhere is mint green. From retro kitchen appliances to desktop organizers, the color just won’t quit. It’s so popular, I decided to use it in one of my own recent projects. See how it brightens the whole space?



3. Warm metals

The past couple of years have seen the resurgence of brass in the home. They early 00’s were dominated by cool chromes and rustic oil-rubbed bronze, but recently, the warmer metal tones have come back into play. This spring be on the look out for copper and rose gold. CB2 currently has a whole line of new copper-tinted wares. And if you need any more convincing, check out how Homepolish designer Ashlie Mastony used hints of copper throughout this New York apartment. In fact, if you look at some of the other projects in this article, you’ll see rose gold and copper popping up.



4. Go wild for tribal prints

Gone are the days of chevrons and geometrics (well, gone but not forgotten). In their place: tribal prints and patterns. Whether it’s on the floor of a rustic Chicago home by Jennifer Talbot or on the walls of a New York office by Maryana Grinshpun, people are going wild for it.



5. Chunky weaves and macrame

One of the biggest trends across many industries is handmade, artisan goods. The same can be said for interiors. Artists and designers are turning to boutique, handmade, and unique objects to add personality to their spaces. Take these chunky throws in Homepolish designer Diane Hewitt’s home in Atlanta or this handmade macrame focal point by Juniper and Fir in the Flo & Frank offices.

For ideas on how to spruce up your place for spring, check out designer Angela Belt’s 6 steps for a spring refresh.

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