5 Bedroom Design Truths to Live by

5 Bedroom Design Truths to Live by

5 Bedroom Design Truths to Live by

What makes the best bedroom? Our founder Noa Santos shares his tips for creating the most serene sleep spot you can imagine.

When it comes to decorating the bedroom, things often get neglected. Since it’s usually the space that’s not as visible to guests, we tend to leave things a little unfinished. But a good designer knows the bedroom should be your sanctuary—and a space that shows off you. We asked Noa Santos, our founder and CEO, what he thinks makes the perfect bedroom.

Peak personality

“This is the most intimate space in your home, and in some ways, it should be the greatest example of your style,” Noa explains. “Lean into what you like and make sure the space reflects you—whether it’s wild and whimsical or cool and collected.”

That means indulging in color schemes and pieces that reflect your individuality. It’s often said that if you pick things, they will go together because they’ll reflect your own sense of style. The bedroom is a delightful place to experiment with your own discretion.

Design: Amy Courtney; Photo: Genevieve Garruppo

Layer it on

“Pulling together the perfect bedscape is, of course, important, but it’s not the only place for texture in the room,” Noa explains. It’s important to consider the texture of your entire space, especially if you’ve chosen to lean towards a neutral or soothing palette. Consider ways to layer in as many luxurious materials as possible—think grasscloth wallpaper, velvet curtains, etc., that can add even more drama (but not visual bulk) to your space.

Design: Liz Lipkin; Photo: Sean Litchfield

Main feature

There’s no need to skip on bold choices in your bedroom, but we believe in picking one piece for maximum effect. An extra bold piece of art or stunning wallpaper behind your bed gives your room maximum impact without crowding your sleep space.

“One strong statement sets the tone in a room where you always want to impress,” says Noa.

Design: Annouchka Engel; Photo: Julia Robbs

Color theory

Designers know that the adage of a dark room feeling claustrophobic is a thing of the past. “Light and white works, but deep rich hues create a cocoon-like atmosphere that I can’t resist,” Noa says. “Currently my bedroom is a rich navy, and I sleep like a baby.”

It’s true. Strong hues can create a calming atmosphere in even the tiniest spaces. Our designers have even pointed at loving shades as dramatic as black in the boudoir.

Seek symmetry (or not)

According to Noa, there’s no reason you should wake up on the same side of the bed each day.

“There’s a time and a place for matching nightstand situations, but when you want to wake up on your own distinct sides of the bed, I like playing with scale,” he explains. “There’s a delightful drama to the perfectly mismatched.”

Don’t be afraid to swap things up—a sconce on one side and a small table with a larger dresser and lamp on the other, art hung to one side, one big lamp and one diminutive in the same metallic. As long as the whole space plays in visual harmony, there’s no need to be matchy match.

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