Our Cofounder Will Nathan’s Apartment

Our Cofounder Will Nathan’s Apartment

Our Cofounder Will Nathan’s Apartment


Will Nathan, cofounder of Homepolish


With a reasonable budget and a couple of ideas, Will needed some professional guidance.

Photography by Chellise Michael.

Want to hear a story? Will had a new job, a new apartment, quite a few ideas about how he wanted it to look and a pretty reasonable budget. After reaching out to a few interior designers he was confronted with the fact that they wanted nothing to do with him unless he had hundreds of thousands to spend on revamping his 1 BR in Chelsea. Feeling frustrated with his non existent options, Will was ready to give up when a friend introduced him to Noa. Do you see where this story is going? Will’s space has an amazing skylight, fireplace and exposed brick walls but with Noa’s help, custom shelving made use of an empty wall area and tufted leather furniture pieces tied together the whole space without using up Will’s whole budget. Finding solidarity in each other, the duo melded their creative and pragmatic powers to create an amazing woodsman-in-Manhattan design for Will’s apartment AND start Homepolish!


People usually have to inspect someone’s bookshelf to get an idea of their personality, but all you have to do is walk in my front door.

- Client Testimonial
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