2019: The Year of Moody Walls

2019: The Year of Moody Walls

2019: The Year of Moody Walls

Are white walls over? 2019 seems bent to prove it so—and so do our Homepolish designers. Take a look through our favorite spaces with dark walls in anti-minimalist shades.

This year designers seem to be ready to embrace their dark sides. White walls have reigned supreme, but 2019 shows spaces that are willing to be dramatic. To celebrate the move to moody, we selected 19 of our favorite spaces that prove you can paint it black.


Designer: Kaitlin Thomas
Photo by: Jess Isaac

The accent wall gets a bad rap. When you’re amping up the contrast (bright white against rich navy), the hue can provide major impact. We love the effect in a larger space.

Designer: Katherine Carter
Photo by: Amy Bartlam

Speaking of contrast, we love the look of slate-hued textured grasscloth against this slick lacquered credenza. The dimension of the paper catches the light and adds a bit of twinkle to keep the room from feeling too dense.

Designer: Jennifer Talbot
Photo by: Dustin Halleck

Classic wainscotting and architectural details don’t have to be white. A rich hue actually amplifies and modernizes the traditional bona fides.


Designer: Barbie Palamino
Photo by: Madeline Tolle

Don’t be afraid to double up. Here a verdant kelly green pairs perfectly with the black four poster bed and dark platinum grasscloth.

Designer: Jae Joo
Photo by: Nick Glimenakis

Nothing’s more modern—yet classic—than black and white. Today’s minimalist knows that the perfect marriage of the two can make decor and books look chic and curatorial.


Designer: Charles Cohen
Photo by: Seth Caplan

Nooks look good in black—the right inky shade can make even the most infinitesimal spaces look intentional.


Designer: Alice Cheng
Photo by: Chad Mellon

Dramatic wallpaper in a powder room is a look, but dramatic wallpaper in a dramatic hue in a powder room is next-level statement.


Designer: Ashlie Broderic
Photo by: Sean Litchfield

Way back when, teeny butler pantry’s were often painted black and nowadays the effect transforms a tiny kitchen into a luxury, especially when the color is paired with an enviable marble waterfall countertop.


Designer: Katherine Carter
Photo by: Tessa Neustadt

There’s no need to stick to basic blue and pink when it comes to the nursery. Chic children seek an adult color scheme with the right whimsical touches to keep it kid-friendly.


Designer: Nicole Watts
Photo by: Sean Litchfield

Here coal-colored grasscloth elevates everything and adds order to a mixture of barware and beverages.


Designer: Delia Kenza
Photo by: Sean Litchfield

Dark hues provide the perfect backdrop for marble antiquities and accentuate the material’s natural veining.

Designer: Sean Litchfield
Photo by: Justin Charette

A pop of red paired with shimmering silver is always a good idea.

Designer: Kroesser + Strat
Photo by: Sean Litchfield

We love the monochrome magic of this grey wall and nubby navy sofa.

Designer: Erin Kane
Photo by: Amy Bartlam

We love this mix of Mid-century lines with gunmetal grasscloth.

Designer: Jennifer Talbot
Photo by: Dustin Halleck

Built-ins don’t have to be stark white. We love the louche library vibes of these graphite bookshelves and distressed leather seats.


Designer: Nicole Fisher
Photo by: Sean Litchfield

No one has ever said: “more platinum, more problems.” Do your decorating with that maxim in mind.

Designer: Haley Weidenbaum
Photo by: Tessa Neustadt

We’ve been green with envy about designer Haley Weidenbaum’s bedroom for some time. Paired with crisp white sheets the basil green is both enveloping and invigorating.


Designer: Tali Roth
Photo by: Seth Caplan

If you’re looking for a spot to cocoon, this sable bedroom makes a case for eclectic minimalism. The dark walls keep the very selective style from feeling spartan.

Designer: Christine Lin
Photo by: Helynn Ospina

Scandi doesn’t have to be all white. This dining room makes a case for pairing light woods and sheepskins with midnight.

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