19 of Our Favorite Bright, White Spaces

19 of Our Favorite Bright, White Spaces

19 of Our Favorite Bright, White Spaces

White doesn’t have to feel like a blank slate. Take a look at some of our favorite fresh, crisp, clean, and fantastically inspiring neutral spaces.

Homepolish designer Michelle Zacks shaped an NYC bedroom that’s as cozy as a cloud for Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis, a powerhouse DJ couple.

See the full tour: A Chill New York Apartment for Two DJs
Designer: Michelle Zacks
Photographer: Genevieve Garruppo

When Homepolish designer Annouchka Engel and her family moved cross-country from New York to San Francisco, she wanted more than just a figurative fresh start—the clean slate needed to come to life through the design of her 1876 Victorian townhouse. We say she nailed it.

See the full tour: A Stunning Victorian Townhouse in SF
Designer: Annouchka Engel
Photographer: Julia Robbs

When a young Florida family found themselves with a home that screamed 1982, Homepolish designer Mandy Cheng helped then shape a totally today, bright and modern space.

See the full tour: A Bright Florida Home Designed By-Video
Designer: Mandy Cheng
Photographer: Jen Smith

Who needs a spa when you have a clean, California-cool respite from reality in your own home? Homepolish designer Haley Weidenbaum balanced the rest of her home’s eclectic vibes, white neutral, bohemian nirvana.

See the full tour: Part 2: A California Home for Our Globetrotting Designer
Designer: Haley Weidenbaum
Photographer: Tessa Neustadt

Balancing neutrals without losing the personality isn’t exactly child’s play, but for Homepolish designer Delia Kenza it is. When it comes to teaching your kids amazing style, it’s best to start them young.

See the full tour: An Artistic Brooklyn Brownstone Stays in the Family
Designer: Delia Kenza
Photographer: Sean Litchfield

Much like her boho bathroom, Haley’s breakfast nook is sweet and simple. Woven accents and patterned pillows add a subtle touch to the rest of the whited-out space.

See the full tour: Part 1: A California Home for Our Globetrotting Designer
Designer: Haley Weidenbaum
Photographer: Tessa Neustadt

We love white on its own, but sometimes it needs a pal, a foil if you will. It’s very best friend—black. Homepolish designer Natalie Chianese seems to agree, seeing as she paired this New Jersey family’s stunning kitchen with the occasional midnight pop.

See the full tour: A Family Home Set in the New Jersey Woods
Designer: Natalie Chianese
Photographer: Daniel Wang

Modernist spaces leap to mind when you think “all white” but the effect can feel perfectly traditional too. Take for example this boldly romantic boudoir from Katherine Carter filled with touchable textures, graceful lines, and rich shades of white and cream.

See the full tour: Soft Luxury For an LA Family Home
Designer: Katherine Carter
Photographer: Tessa Neustadt

Blogger, YouTuber, social media influencer, and all around star Marianna Hewitt was on the lookout for a designer who could provide a feminine, modern feel for her Los Angeles home. Homepolish designer Talia Laconi made all of those dreams come true—and then some.

See the full tour: The Glamorous Hollywood Home of Marianna Hewitt
Designer: Talia Laconi
Photographer: Tessa Neustadt

goop has always been a fan of clean, natural beauty products, and their taste in interiors is no different. It’s no surprises that Melanie Burstin’s designs for their office extension feels as refreshing as the perfect skincare routine.

See the full tour: A Clean, Cutting-Edge Office Extension for goop
Designer: Melanie Burstin
Photographer: Chad Mellon

With views like that, the goal is to create a design that enhances the vibes—not distracts from them. Enter designer aficionado Orlando Soria who layered in a palette that perfectly compliments the seaside lifestyle.

See the full tour: The Beach House, Part I
Designer: Orlando Soria
Photographer: Tessa Neustadt

This designer’s casita might be located in the leafy green city of Dallas, Texas, but the space itself sung with white more than any other shade. With cozy cream-hued shabby-chic linens and whiter-than-white paint tones atop charming shiplap, Homepolish designer Paige Morse brought a little piece of heaven down south.

See the full tour: A Backyard Casita in Dallas
Designer: Paige Morse
Photographer: Cody Ulrich

Just because a bedroom is white doesn’t mean it needs to be an empty box. Homepolish designer Caroline Wolf accented a laid-back, mellow Los Angeles bedroom for clients Grasie and Damien Mercedes with nothing more than some bright linens, an energizing plant here or there, and a standalone piece of art. The rest of the space is filled with a cheerful, happy white.

See the full tour: Behind-the-Scenes of a Silver Lake Redesign
Designer: Caroline Wolf
Photographer: Tessa Neustadt

White does wonders for making a space feel larger, something Crystal Sinclair knew very well. A glossy white table (that just happens to collapse into the wall when necessary), crisp dining chairs, and minimally-colored accents, turn this mini-dining room into a room breakfast nook.

See the full tour: A Modern and Feminine Brooklyn Studio
Designer: Crystal Sinclair
Photographer: Seth Caplan

When two parents (who just happened to be lawyers, too) found themselves in need of a quiet place to go home to after another mile-a-minute NYC day, Homepolish designer Emma Beryl knew that a neutral space would be the perfect fit. Emma came to the rescue with luxurious marble, fine faux furs, and a shade of white that showed off the space’s huge windows and flooding light.

See the full tour: A Young Family’s Airy and Elegant DUMBO Loft
Designer: Emma Beryl
Photographer: Daniel Wang

In keeping with the rest of this Brooklyn loft’s industrial feel, Homepolish designer Jae Joo utilized white subway tile paired with black grout to pay homage to the space’s city roots.  Minimal, strategic shelving against whited-out walls make the small space appear larger to the eye.

See the full tour: A Modern, Industrial Brooklyn Loft
Designer: Jae Joo
Photographer: Julia Robbs

It might be hard to believe that a family of five can keep a home this spotless, but their choice to opt for an-all white kitchen had us second-guessing our assumptions. White cabinets, white wall paint, and white porcelain set the stage for the gray-and-white marble to shine—literally.

See the full tour: A Luxe Upper East Side Family Home
Designer: Mariellas Urrutia
Photographer: Sean Litchfield

Artist Aniella Matejovsky and her husband Tobias needed a clean-cut background that would allow them to create and entertain, so Homepolish designer Tali Roth gave them a soft, neutral space to do just that with soft, creamy linen, white marble, and neutral art (made by Aniella herself!).

See the full tour: Graphic yet Graceful in Greenwich Village
Designer: Tali Roth
Photographer: Claire Esparros

Think of the things you could cook in this sparkling Bethesda kitchen—or just bask in Jeennifer Dennis’ mastery of soft and subtle Shaker style.

See the full tour: A Complete Overhaul for a Bethesda Home
Designer: Jennifer Dennis
Photographer: Laura Metzler

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