15 Covetable California Style Spaces

15 Covetable California Style Spaces

15 Covetable California Style Spaces

For those who think West Coast style is the best coast style, get inspired by our favorite Modern California designs.

From Northern California’s comfortable and organic style to the boho, eclecticism of Los Angeles, everyone is coveting California design. The West Coast style has become the pinnacle of modern cool. We think these spaces nailed the laid-back vibes. Get inspired to bring that level of chill to your own home—no matter where it is.

Design by: Kerry Vasquez
Photos by: Sara Tramp

For her client, Kerry Vasquez balanced sunset-saturated hues with organic neutrals to create a Hollywood-friendly home.

Design by: Haley Weidenbaum
Photo by: Tessa Neustadt
Tour: A California Home for Our Globetrotting Designer (Part 1 and Part 2)

If you’re anything like us, you think about Haley Weidenbaum’s stunning Cali home once or twice a day. The designer managed to balance color with calm, global with minimalist, and personality with a who-wouldn’t-want-that when crafting her stunning Los Angeles home.

Design by: Margo Nathanson
Photos by: Sedona Turbeville
Tour: Bright, Bohemian, and Rustic in NorCal

Wood beams and earthy accents make this Berkeley home’s feel like a grown-up treehouse—if treehouses were elegantly designed by Margo Nathanson.

Design by: Melanie Burstin
Photo by: Tessa Neustadt
Tour: Contrast and Comfort for a Los Angeles Family

California might be relaxed, but it’s not afraid of black-and-whites—at least when it comes to palettes. Designer Mel Burstin channeled stark contrast and the best of Mid-Century to maximum effect in this family friendly home.

Design by: Erin Kane
Photo by: Pablo Enriquez
Tour: The Quintessentially Chill California Casa

Not everyone home in California is a Spanish bungalow, but the signature architecture reached its covetable peak when designer Erin Kane updated this Santa Monica Canyon home now that the kids were all grown.

Design by: Alice Cheng
Photo by: Tessa Neustadt
Tour: A Serene California Cottage in Studio City

What’s a CA living room without a flop-friendly sofa + denim-inspired, batik-ish pillows?

Design by: Jennifer Wallenstein
Photo by: Claire Esparros
Tour: An Earthy A-Frame for Down-to-Earth Comedian Jake Hurwitz

An A-frame home that gets an A-plus in chill style—thanks to sea-inspired shades and lux-yet-livable materials.

Design by: Nicole Newkirk
Photo by: Julia Robbs
Tour: A New Couple’s Bright and Colorful SF Apartment

San Fransico isn’t the hippie hangout of yore, but the Silicon Valley set still wants a place that gives them good vibrations. Designer Nicole Newkirk layered in tons of textures to help this living room feel like a homey hideaway from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Design by: Rosa Beltran
Photo by: Chad Mellon
Tour: A California Home Gets a Major Mediterranean Overhaul

Rosa Beltran masters the mix of go-for-it-globalism in one of enviable eclectic spaces ever. (The ceiling height alone is enough to drive you mad with jealousy).

Design by: Katherine Carter
Photo by: Amy Bartlam
Tour: A Spanish Revival Bathroom in LA

Let the Spanish style inspiration wash over you and prepare to hate every East Coast bathroom you’ve ever seen.

Design by: Melanie Burstin
Photo by: Tessa Neustadt
Tour: Melanie Burstin’s Secrets to Curating Your Own Style

Of course, wunderkind designer Melanie Burstin’s home is brimming with the kind of perfectly collected but cooly minimalist vibes everyone in or out of LA would want. Read the story to get her tips on how to make it work in your own home.

Design by: Jordan Shields
Photo by: Madeline Tolle
Tour: Bleached-Out and Beachy in Hermosa

If really good blonde beach hair was a space, it’d be this stunning home designed by Jordan Shields.

Design by: Kaitlin Thomas
Photo by: Sara Tramp
Tour: A 1920s Home Gets A Serene Scandi Makeover

Organic wood and arresting art give the kind of honest vibes the state is known for.

Design by: Chloe Poturalski
Photo by: Amy Bartlam
Tour: Warm and Beachy in Manhattan Beach

Don’t let the Manhattan part fool you, there’s nothing city like about this serene living room.

Design by: Shannon Tate
Photos by: Joyelle West
Tour: A Calming Family Home in the Boston Suburbs

Are you ready to be shocked—this home is in Boston! See, California style really can spring up anywhere.

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