12 Neon Sign Moments That Will Light Up Your Life

12 Neon Sign Moments That Will Light Up Your Life

12 Neon Sign Moments That Will Light Up Your Life

We're buzzing about neon accents—and so are our Homepolish designers. Take a look at how our designers have integrated these high-voltage accessories into their designs.

Neon signs have evolved from a life behind the bar to for high art (think Dan Flavin). And now neon accents are lighting up spaces all over. A buzzy neon sign tows the line of of light fixture and sculpture perfectly, and our designers are loving integrating them into modern spaces of all types. From commercial spaces that could use a punch of personality to nurseries for the extremely hip to, yes, the at-home bar, we think neon’s a gas. Take a look at some of our favorite spaces.

Designer: Gracie Turner
Photo by: Helynn Ospina

Designer: Molly Torres
Photo by: Seth Caplan

In the office a neon sign adds a certain millennial buzz that says “we don’t need to stay late, but we might because we like each other so much.” The Lonny office in SF shows puts their company name in lights, while the Foundation office designed by Molly Torres, showcases the importance of having an officemate that’s ride or die (or at least ride or die enough to order lunch with you).

Designer: Delia Kenza
Photo by: Sean Litchfield

Here’s what we’ll say—we’re obsessed with the combo of rad neon sign and vintage fireplace in this girl’s bedroom. If only we were half this cool when we were a kid.


Designer: Beth Partyka and Meg Sullivan of Charlotte William Interiors
Photo by: Dustin Halleck

Is it too much to say that we heart this nursery’s vibes three times over? Oh well, we just did.

Designer: Tali Roth
Photo by: Julia Robbs

Designer: Amy Row
Photo by: Genevieve Garruppo

A Notorious B.I.G. quote on exposed brick is the pinnacle of modern Brooklyn loft living. But a “be bold” mantra emblazoned on the wall of  social media maven and beauty expert Deepica Mutyala might be the most enviable enough to Instagram-moment in the bunch.


Designer: Barbie Palamino
Photo by: Amy Bartlam


Designer: JoAnn Neenan
Photo by: Dustin Halleck

There’s a certain nightclub vibe that’s oh-so-desirable to have in your space when it doesn’t mean strangers spilling their drinks on your nice think. Designer Barbie Palamino knows how to channel the aesthetic and sets the bar high for cocktails in this abode. We’re going out on a limb to say we definitely don’t hate how JoAnn Neenan channeled the ‘7os in this space either.

Designer: Gracie Turner
Photo by: Caroline Sharpnack

Nashville-based natural beauty shop Lemon Laine has us juiced about beauty and also the appeal of a neon sign.

Designer: Ashlie Broderic
Photo by: Seth Caplan

We find the neon signs at the Daily Harvest office very appealing. 


Designer: Crystal Hodges
Photo by: Dustin Halleck


Designer: Guinevere Johnson
Photo by: Dustin Halleck

We speak limited French, but we know enough to say je t’aime both of these signs.

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