10 Things You Didn’t Know About Concierge

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Concierge

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Concierge

Our Concierge team is here to make the ordering process easier, but did you know just how much easier? Let us explain the many ways we make shopping more streamlined.

Featured image by Madeline Tolle

Sure you know that Homepolish connects you with the right interior designer or construction professionals for your project, but did you also know we have an entire team dedicated to make your purchasing process easier? Or that they’ve ordered everything from branches to beds from Australia? Or the myriad ways they can make the design process more streamlined? Let us explain.

1. We represent hundreds of vendors, ranging from brands you know and love to emerging, artisinal, and exclusive to-the-trade vendors. And we help you navigate it all to find the perfect pieces for your space.

2. When you order through Concierge, you can check out across multiple vendors on one order, saving you time.

3. Our Concierge team is just that—a team. We have 14 team members who handle the purchasing project. If something goes wrong, they are at the ready to help you navigate any issues and advocate for you if you need to connect with the vendor. 

4. We’ve made a lot of purchases—over 12,000 orders to be exact.

5. Our Collection Tool is a more efficient way to shop. Instead of making multiple purchases from individual vendors and managing the process in your email, you and your designer can collaborate and you see all the details conveniently within your Homepolish Dashboard. We’re constantly evolving the tool to improve your experience with the goal of making the process better for you and your designer.

6. No order is too large. The team can handle extensive projects—one project included 96 unique items from 32 vendors and our team didn’t bat an eye. 

7. Our team has ordered the whole rainbow of products—from a gold leaf-filled plexiglass table which had to be assembled one sheet at a time in a sealed room to Skittles. We go the extra mile—we’ve helped clients who wanted their place move-in ready by sourcing paper towels, we’ve finagled personal pics to help create custom portraits, and we’ve stocked HQ shelves with snacks (which is where the Skittles come in).

8. Because of our team’s close relationship with a host of vendors, we’re able to pass along preferred pricing to you. When you submit an order for a quote, our team reviews and will send you a finalized version including any discounts we can pass along. Once you approve, we’ll place the order.

9. Concierge saves you time (which also saves you money). You and your designer will spend less time placing and tracking orders across multiple vendors, and more time designing your space—better utilizing the hours dedicated to your project.

10. We have connections. We’ll utilize our relationships within the industry to help you navigate any issues that might arise—from damaged items to complicated return policies to special orders.