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Homepolish’s Los Angeles decorators design affordable homes and offices you can fall in love with.

What began in New York as a design service for Manhattan’s cramped residents has spread across the nation and landed in sunny Los Angeles, where a team of Homepolish designers are ready to transform your space.

It is impossible to define this city’s architecture by one style. It’s not unlikely to find homes ranging from Spanish Revival, to English Tudor, to Mid-Century Modern. The team of Homepolish LA interior designers reflect the diverse styles present in the city. Our talented designers, trained at the top interior design firms in Los Angeles, are ready to help apartment dwellers and homeowners alike make their spaces livable and lovely.

While the design sensibility of Southern California may seem disjointed to those on the outside, it provides a level of freedom to LA designers and clients alike. Rather than a space that reflects a staid design aesthetic, Californians are free to inhabit spaces that reflect their personalities, interests and aspirations. As Homepolish designers, it is our mission to ensure our clients are heard and their spaces are uniquely customized to fit their tastes and lifestyles. So if you need help from a professional, we’ve got just the designer to help you incorporate your love of Moroccan-inspired decor, the cozy feel of the French countryside, a mix of the two or anything else your heart desires.

Homepolish Interior Design | Kelly Oxford: Modern Day Literati

Kelly Oxford: Modern Day Literati

Homepolish designs an LA writing sanctuary for a comedic genius

Homepolish Interior Design | El Royal

El Royal

Sophistication meets style in this Los Angeles bachelor pad

Homepolish Interior Design

"A new startup, Homepolish, is connecting design-savvy customers with their own interior designer. This home design firm aims to take the ego and the markups out of interior decorating."

Homepolish Interior Design

"Many designers will tell you that a magazine-worthy living space is all about editing the stuff you own. It turns out the same rule applies to merging styles with a partner, a technique the experts over at design house Homepolish know well, and are clearly applying in their own homes."

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Homepolish Interior Design | Selma Avenue

Selma Avenue

Step inside this Los Angeles designer's sunny, plant-filled home

Homepolish Interior Design | Laurel Canyon Cottage

Laurel Canyon Cottage

Explore this cozy, collected home in the Hollywood Hills

Homepolish Interior Design | La Habra Heights

La Habra Heights

New and vintage furnishings make this Spanish Revival feel like home

Homepolish Interior Design | A Beachside Bungalow

A Beachside Bungalow

This Venice Beach hideaway gets a sophisticated makeover

Homepolish Interior Design | Grown Up and Gone to Hollywood

Grown Up and Gone to Hollywood

This West Hollywood condo gets a glammed-out, grown-up revamp

Homepolish Interior Design | Cool, Calm and Cobalt

Cool, Calm and Cobalt

Take a deep dive into this blue Santa Monica bedroom

Homepolish Interior Design | Sunshine on Sullivan

Sunshine on Sullivan

Heather's SoHo studio brings LA to NYC

Homepolish: Orlando Soria - LA Creative Director

Orlando Soria

LA Creative Director

Born and raised in the Golden State, Orlando Soria has focused his career on creating beautiful spaces. After graduating from the design schools of Cornell and The University of Pennsylvania, he landed a spot as an on-camera designer on HGTV. He then founded an interior design firm with Design Star Emily Henderson, later branching off to create his own company prior to joining Homepolish.

Homepolish Interior Design

"Professional designers at rates even those with a modest budget can afford — sounds too good to be true. Yet that is exactly what young New York startup Homepolish has been doing across the city for the last year."

Homepolish Interior Design

"The car is the closest most Angelenos get to owning a gun. And so we spend many bills on its upkeep. But whither the money we spend on our homes? That relatively unloved place that embodies one's sense of self just as much as their whip? For that, there’s Homepolish."