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Sunshine on Sullivan

Heather's SoHo studio brings LA to NYC

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"Homepolish held my hand and took me to flea markets, fabric stores and vintage shops."

If you can't be in the sun, we'll bring the sun to you. Heather, a California native turned New York reporter, wanted to feel at home in her new SoHo studio. This project was a ground-up endeavor. Ditching her old sofa, we brought in a daybed instead. This made much more sense and saved significant space, functioning both as a bed and a sofa. And, with the frame composed of stacked industrial wooden shipping pallets, this singular piece also served as cute and clever shoe storage. The small space and small budget necessitated major creativity, but in the end, Heather's space was truly transformed into a super sunny, city retreat.

Photos by Chellise Michael.