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Kelly Oxford: Modern Day Literati

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Homepolish: Client: Kelly Oxford - Funny Girl

Client: Kelly Oxford

Funny Girl

For decor, it's movies. I like apartments in European movies and lofts. I love it when there is a weirdo in a film set in NYC or Paris and they have some crazy giant space that's brick and filled with bookshelves and something weird.

When we found out we were going to design an office space for Kelly Oxford, we were pretty stoked. We have a thing for funny people. Especially funny ladies. So we were excited to work with someone who would tell jokes with us, listen to our feelings, and talks to us about important issues (like guys, shopping, and the mall). Kelly Oxford is a genius writer whose hilarious twitter feed launched her to stardom. Her awesome book Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar had us in stitches.

Kelly is super busy these days, writing screenplays and books and doing cameos in movies and running around being glamorous. So she needed a workspace that was inviting and comfortable. We wanted the space to be a reflection of her comedic, literary personality, so we looked at the offices of some of her favorite literary heroes for inspiration. Joan Didion, Roald Dahl, and Agatha Christie all had awesome home office spaces that served as inspiration for us.

We wanted the space to have a dash of vintage flavor, so Kelly chose Antigua Aqua by Benjamin Moore for our wall color. Handybook helped us out with booking a painter to get the job done. We chose a vintage mid-century sofa from Krrb which gives the space the 60’s literati sensibility that she’s into. We found the rest of our furnishings at AllModern and flea markets, shocked to discover that AllModern has nearly every imaginable designer piece we’d ever want. Ever.

The best part of this project, aside from texting jokes back and forth with Kelly, was how much she liked the final product. When we asked her what her favorite part of the design was she responded “Every piece makes it better. I love everything. It’s so cohesive. I’m a parent, though, so I don’t pick favorites.” That’s kind of the best answer we could have asked for. In the end, we created a space that was as smart, pretty, and interesting as Kelly. And that’s pretty satisfying.

Designed by Orlando Soria, Homepolish LA Creative Director. Photographed by Bethany Nauert.

"Every piece makes the next better. I love everything. It's so cohesive. I'm a parent though, so I never pick favorites."

Kelly Oxford

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