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"If you expect people to work in a space for more than half the day, you've got to give them variety."

Codecademy understood that creating a strong office culture meant mixing work with pleasure. Amid long days of staring at computer screens, coders need a break—maybe a short nap, maybe a tall drink. That’s where we step in.

First, we recognized that form had to follow function—designing a cool space for a rapidly expanding startup meant providing the flexibility to launch from a team of 10 to 60 with ease. But 9,000 square feet of workspace can quickly feel cold, so creating intimate vignettes for the occasional group meeting or private phone call topped our list.

Our favorite design moment happens as soon as you walk through the double doors. Granting their wish to have a space for both work and play, we designed a 25-foot bar piece for the main entry. Normally that type of statement would easily run you $20K, but creating the main framework out of industrial shipping pallets meant we were able to cut the cost below $5K and put the remaining budget to better use. To the right of the bar, we created a cozy lounge area. To the left, we placed smaller picnic tables on casters. And in the back, we brought in over twenty feet of window seats. Small group sessions? Check it. Need to call a staff meeting? Not a problem. Tired of coding at your desk? Fear not! Add in a snack wall and a secret hangout alcove revealed only by a hidden, bookshelf door, and you’ve got one pretty sick office, if we do say so ourselves. Class dismissed!

Photos by Chellise Michael.