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Bachelor on Broadway

Bigger is better in Philip's SoHo pad

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"The process was a partnership. Together we made magic."

It's not everyday we get invited into a twenty-something bachelor's studio apartment and discover 3000-square-feet of space at our design-happy fingertips. But Philip's massive SoHo digs, part home part office and overlooking Houston and Broadway, provided endless creative possibilities.

Layout and art topped our priority list. With such a large space to work with, it was important to develop a layout that distinguished specific areas to keep the space grounded. As a young art collector, Philip wanted to make sure to establish a dialogue between the furniture and the artwork — one that every visitor could appreciate.

We broke up the space by creating different vignettes and situating the bedroom in the only true alcove. As for walls? Who needs 'em. Instead, we constructed a 13-foot piece of sliding art, doubling as an optional divider and a stunning visual point. Whether it's the mounted movie projector or the mobile walls, this space was all about mixing business with pleasure.

Photos by Chellise Michael.